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December 10, 2021By Origin Ten LTD6 Minutes

The Countdown: James stops campaign for gov, honoring Bob Dole & more By Eyewitness News ABC7NY


Hello, everyone, I go with of Channel 7 Eyewitness News That’s wabc-tv and welcome. Once again to the countdown one month after she declared her candidacy for governor of New York. The state’s attorney general. Tish. James is stopping her campaign. The latest poll shows James trailing incumbent, Governor hoco by about 2 to 1, after dropping out Miss. James wasted little time ordering former President Trump to testify next month in the James LED investigation into the Trump business operation with the latest. Here’s, I would assume

Reporter NJ, Brooklyn. All I can say is I respect her tremendously. Always have that it was never been not the case and we are going to do great things. If Kathy hochul was relieved, she wasn’t admitting it. She’s currently the Democratic FrontRunner for governor of New York next year. And faced a primary Challenge from Letitia James who abruptly quit the governor’s race this morning to seek another term as attorney general. There are a number of important investigations and cases that are underway. She said in a statement.

But and I intend to finish the job. I am running for re-election to complete the work. New Yorkers elected me to do state, democratic chairman. Jay Jacobs, told me, the decision was her own. We just need to unite this party. That’s what this is about, and I’m calling on the other candidates. Frankly to take a look, step back, the other declared Democratic, candidates New York City, public Advocate. Jumaane, Williams and Long Island Congressman. Tom suozzi gave no obvious indication that they’re ready to drop out here.

De Blasio has yet to declare his candidacy. But he sounded like a candidate. This afternoon on MSNBC. I’m going to be going around the state of New York starting next month, talking to the people. This state. I want to stay in public service. I want to address the issues. I’ve been focused on by his own Logic. The mayor May view the absence of Leticia James as a newfound opportunity for a progressive candidate from New York City. The party chairman says, that would be a mistake. I know everybody would like to be

In a position that they have, always wanted. But the bottom line is, what’s more important. Governor? Hochul, says, her strategy has not changed. I take every election, seriously there, unless everyone drops out. We will have a primary not expecting that but I have said from the beginning, my focus has to be on. That was I was reporter NJ Burkett. Reporting me while a prominent conservative activist who was among the people organizing the so-called.

Called stop the steel rallies for then, President Trump is now cooperating with a house select committee investigating the assault on the US Capitol from January 6th. The committee depose Ali, Alexander in private in Washington. D.c. Alexander was banned from Twitter over his posts about the 2020 presidential election. He denies he was to blame for the violence.

I do recognize that they have a legislative duty to conduct. And so, we’re here to cooperate this evidence. Actually, exonerates me, and this evidence actually is going to exonerate President Donald J Trump.

Intended. The Trump rally on the National Mall, but only as a guest will keep you posted former US. Senator Bob Dole now, lying in state, in the Capitol rotunda. The late centers. Family says he died Sunday in his sleep after battling lung cancer, which he announced earlier this year, this morning politicians from both sides of the political aisle coming together to celebrate the dedicated. Public servant. That was Bob Dole. His former colleagues praising his work during his three decades in Congress. They say, he pushed for veterans rights.

And helped pass the Americans with Disabilities Act. Do also voted for the Civil Rights Act and the Voting Rights Act. Robert Joseph goal.

He belongs here.

In this place.

In this Temple of Liberty, to Liberty and to Temple, two possibilities. We genuinely respect it one another, as colleagues as fellow Americans, in an op-ed published days before his death Mr. Dual urging Congress to work together for the common good and basically saying can’t we all just get along some advice? We can all take to heart. Those funeral service will be at Washington National Cathedral tomorrow. Senator Dole was 98.

A reminder, you can always get the latest political headlines and much more on our website, ABC7, and why. And on are connected TV apps. I’m Bill Ritter from all of us here at wabc-tv and thinking of Senator Dole. We wish you health and peace and take care of each other.