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January 22, 2022By Origin Ten LTD28 Minutes

Gigantamax Pokémon BATTLE ROYALE Explained! 💥 Gnoggin X @TerminalMontage By Lockstin & Gnoggin


Wow have you seen that I got the next Battle Royale animation by terminal montage and I helped write will if not do yourself a favor and watch that first link in the description and up here it’s way better than this video but heck I’ve walked in and I’m cool trust me I’ve worked with terminal Montage I’ve watched this got the ones video and that’s like two out of three cool now all I need to do is get over myself so in this video I’m going to explain what happened and perhaps why and I say perhaps they are because

particular Battle Royale troop layout woman as straightforward this time around with regular Pokemon baby Pokemon and legendary Pokemon there are a lot of Pokedex entries and games and episodes and cards to go off of it even though Mega Pokemon only had a couple for the most part they are just the same Pokemon but more and in excruciating pain

gigantamax is also just kind of

four of them but I got a whole lot more but there are conflicting evidence about whether they are actually the size of this or if it’s all a magical illusion of sorts it all very hand wavy biologically speaking there’s no way something alive can be that big and years later the source of Dynamix energy do it itself is not a gigantamax Pokemon it is a hurdle Max one so it doesn’t take part in the actual battle but it does make sure to distribute energy even linked to all Pokemon who deserve a gigantamax form for these ones

that’s the joke really should have gotten burning at 3600 degrees Fahrenheit goes even higher when it Roars and its melting buildings and trying to melt all these Melton who are all over the city because of Pokemon go poke stops being all over the city and the Melt on helplessly run to laugh versus back for protection as Libras are incredibly caring and loving and when gigantamax the Pokedex dates over 5,000 people can ride on it at once and it’s a perfectly comfortable ride so of course levers wants to help get the little milk onto safety forget to make the Labyrinth is all about that or Aurora Veil a protective shield that reduces the damage done to it and

what is a pretty beefy Pokemon Shield protects it from even Charizard’s fire on Realize though that they’re soft bodies are still in danger from the heat run meanwhile a very long cat meows ruin the economy with a signature move Gold Rush was creeped up to 99,999 polka dollars worth of Meowth coin it just paid a bigger but hey that’s a lot of time for Miltona to combine into melmetal who then gigantamax is due to all of the Dynamics energy all over the place and it just absorbs all of the gold into what they do absorb other metals in this case it’s not becoming a gold Mercury amalgam or a gold tantalum alloy depending on what melmetal really is you have a few videos about that actually do the not so lucky cat is so up there and clumsy that it’s just a big Target it’s no wonder that it’s the first to go and get this knife by gigantamax inteleon who self isn’t much bigger

but didn’t house at the top of tower that is it so high and tail and it’s nice with a water sniper rifle meanwhile grimmsnarl is making the ground shake at it uses its signature move GMAC news on a Snorlax maybe this over troll isn’t the most intelligent this change is almost nothing for Snorlax who is always sleeping and is always hungry eating 880 lb of food per day and that’s both for a gigantamax has so of course when it sees Alchemy who use cake

Snorlax needs to try to eat her out of existence too bad she’s too far but what is she doing why throwing her 100,000 kilocalorie cake missile that a bird of course no wonder Snorlax is interested but that bird’s name Albert I see behind it from Hurricane like winds as it flies are out and it’s surrounded by update blade Words which are independent feathers that attack others like fighter jets

somehow and wavy giganto magic well before. It’s all so busy dodging shots fired from gigantamax Blastoise who quite literally is a battleship war Fort now so it’s like a cool aircraft naval battle of World War II Style with birds instead of aircraft meanwhile Venusaur swings around too thick Vines if these Vines and slammed into a 10-story building could easily topple it and that the Pokedex quote so I kind of have to do that here is another Pokedex huge amounts of pollen from it with the force of a volcanic eruption breathing in too much of a pollen can cause fainting that’s what it does after it gets slapped with a cake mix gluten intolerance also have my going for a fluffy and cute and fluffy and big so it’s an easy target for whoever in the orbital who is quite literally a UFO

so you got the next Indy race had only a slightly larger body most of the gigantamax energy goes into a ball which is now three hundred feet in diameter exactly and is infused with cinder Aces Spirit acting almost like it has a will of its own. It never misses and also roasts whoever it hit that accuracy and he leads to a perfect shot right through her meet normally is able to withstand hard blows like this dude with cakey cake legs butt cream melts and cakes burn and Venusaur is on fire now

good thing korbinite is agile in Dodge Center Athens Volvo but remember he never misses so it turns around is one of the biggest of the gigantamax Pokemon getting it is the size of a mountain Pokedex also specifies that I can change the landscape and level mountain with its trunk is being bred to be a friendly construction equipment that loves to work it would certainly go right for a month looks like an out-of-place Hill or Mountain that should be flattened relaxants like a big cat rolling around picking up everything it can it switch to send the rates because again he’s actual body is not too much bigger and Snorlax finally get to eat Alchemy Battleship right. Is too in fact it’s the Dreadnought as well as an early ironclad warship the whole deal of those that they were able to Ram into the sides of other warships and completely destroy them

while it remains okay so what Rams and breaks Blastoise and be very narrow flat and short legged copperajah I’m getting knocked over and can’t get up after a surprise attack from stay in the condo and then being copper gets absorbed by melmetal has a shotgun Blunderbuss now and now it holds a literal million tons of sand in his body that a juice out of there with such speed and power that it can pulverize a skyscraper skyscraper specifically The Shard in London but you know what’s great about the four links and you can make it hot you start to get glass so here’s the centiskorch who was attacking makes the shape of your coil and a colossal who is both a coal mine and a coal furnace here’s the thing though centiskorch is only one thousand eight hundred degrees Fahrenheit

colossal 3600 degrees Fahrenheit and fire rock so clearly there’s an advantage there in temperature and weakness to rock that centiskorch has so it has no chance against the max rockfall colossal does have a disadvantage when they over there it’s fine so I didn’t know that Dreadnought could do that until the anime did it

hilarious right also drednaw signature gmax movies stonesurge which blast water so hard it destroys the surrounding ground and rocks and form still from broken rock stars all over the place perfect for blasting right through colossal there isn’t that stories are bigger in this case it has an entire drum set made out of trees that uses to control giant tree roots underground with music which it does here to restrain colossal and shove a treat in its mouth King Kong vs. gorilla stuff King Kong versus Godzilla Style

is also an alligator snapping turtle though so it’s no big deal and what’s this Godzilla Tyranitar’s arch-nemesis exactly like the King Kong and Godzilla fight against Mechagodzilla until Leon gets what’s coming to him big tall narrow Tail Power know perfectly sensible vikingler who has a bubble beard that makes it look a bit like the Pokedex those bubbles are strongly alkaline which is the opposite of a cynic but the fun fact is that anything too far in either direction will burn or milk things for you so any opponent Pit by them will have their bodies quickly melted away says Pokedex

she has bubbles floating spread out all over the place and Butterfree is a big floating slow Target with highly sensitive Wings all it takes is a small burn and it goes down tile pathetically Square rapid dialer Shifu have been dealing chip damage to the fat as heck Snorlax whose gmax move replenished has a 50% chance of restoring any berries it’s even already so

this whole bit with Charizard according to gigantamax Gengar Pokedex entries rumor has it that it’s gigantic mouth leads not to its body filled with kerisit energy but instead directly to the afterlife and hoping to steal the lives of those it catches if you stand in front of it smell if you’ll hear your loved ones voices calling out to you

common GhostRobo lowering the living into traps by showing them is losing everything that they want or a loved one calling out to them

I’m just through this doorway that wasn’t here a second ago

and then they eat you if that and Charizard is like the ultimate overrated Pokemon like everyone that game freak loves it and every other person in the fandom loves it and Charizard cards are extremely valuable because of how much everyone loves it and a bit every normies favorite Pokemon excetera excetera it be the easiest one to make fall for this track

straight to the afterlife he needs to Eevee and Eeveelutions are also extremely popular in Japan

friendlier and even more innocent he tries to play with everyone around but also gigantamax energy or penis of the fur around his neck for will envelop also capturing his body and captivating its mind so it is getting Cara furball weakening it’ll fit physically and comparing its judgment a tad and I can get a pack Garbo der next garbler has no loved ones and even with regular car builder the toxic liquid it launches from its right arm is so virulent that it can kill a weakened creature and the toxin will see then all the way down to your phone

Gengar may have noticed a poison type of cell is a gross and it just willingly do so again. Collapses in on itself is super disgusting and sad world except your ghost to do it all goes in there remember earlier

orbital crash so why are they melt on helping to get up well or Beatles whole thing is mind control and when gigantamax if it were to utilize every bit of its power they could control the minds of every living thing in the vicinity arguably though entire gigantic free and they go back to melmetal later now flapple and Appleton despite being two different Pokemon have matching gigantamax forms the heck so we used this opportunity to reference an episode of Neon Genesis Evangelion where the to Eva’s have to match each other’s move absolutely perfectly in order to defeat this Angel Haber Bubba’s bittick Apple liquid onto a gas so no metal can’t absorb it and melt because it’s easily meltable

the name English Nick Torino in half because it can pulverize anything but then it gets

play single strike or Shifu these jokes write themselves all look for all the holes and get ours to rain but Gallery so beautiful why would you ruin it by putting giant holes in it

this makes me happy that you are gassed so what shocks the Grameen Instagram to Max Pikachu honestly doesn’t have like

anyting it’s fatter and it shoots lightning who did you doesn’t do that normally that’s really all that cats being so rotunda smell of those apple on unfortunately one of them gets crushed under a Blastoise thrown by Machamp morning to the Pokedex Machamp once used as a rebel strength to lift a large ship that was in trouble and then Carrie to ship the port last year so yeah there you go and sell so what’s the deal with her during this whole time well she’s been slowly having a meltdown I hate when others feel strong emotion and there’s been a lot of that in this fight and all around it and I imagine the people in the city aren’t too thrilled about the second coming of the darkest day I ever had a ring he’s known to some as the Raging got it this Pokemon can read the emotions of creatures / 3

miles away the minute it’s a possibility it goes on the attack so it’ll ashes out against the aghast Pikachu for being closest and feeling some strong emotions at the moment then toxtricity does it’s big guitar smack with your way too loud loud and obnoxious and another pattern in pokedex entry if you are too loud around if you risk being torn apart by the claws on its tentacle it hates loud noises to ain’t that great and that’s what it is all about so that and all this chaos send pattering over the edge to finally snaps anime mental breakdown style and beans like lightning shoot from her tentacles going to the Pokedex

meanwhile Machamp does that thing it always does but the poor poor fat going Pikachu and this psycho fairy lightning is just fighting all of the Pokemon around it is very powerful you see what Machamp sees another opportunity to throw was yet another ship straight at hatterene another detail here is that much amps with glow hot with punching power each punch is like a bomb explosion went off again to Max but now it’s chill now literally from Lapras and now rapid dialer she who get stood up boo’d up boo’d up boo’d ever gives me a chance to taste the phone medicine and the final showdown is between rapid dialer Shifu and a Lapras

why well when it comes to the card game both Hershey foods are considered the best highest top-tier Vmax cards that are actually based on check in to make Pokemon EX cards and dragapult Vmax cards that are also contenders for the best of the best but they aren’t gigantamax Pokemon so they’re not being considered a top 10 list I could find always ask for a 2-year so how about the lore well in that case or seafood does get the legendary buff but it’s whole story in the game is that there are many Cub Food you need to train one of them because it kind of stinks right now and like in the anime we do see in her Seafood one punch a Regice so there’s that basically it’s a legendary Pokemon so that’s a plus but it’s kind of not as important one and it’s kind of lame

you know also Lapras is specifically kind and caring which doesn’t make itself a big Target it’s not actively looking for a fight or a challenge the whole time it’s in this battle royale the way both urshifu but who is likely taking more damage over time as us fighting multiple opponents for some kind of a camper so now how about the game specifically if it does have a slightly higher step total and a fighting type advantage over Lapras however gigantamax urshifu the most powerful signature movies water type which lab on top of it in the competitive meta that allows gigantamax Pokemon for some reason it is generally believed to be the most powerful and useful of all of the Jordans IMAX Pokemon the top list of top tiers only knocked down slightly

after the introduction of Hershey food you’ll see why in a moment but I got to make Lapras is ice type which is great at killing the powerful dragons and it’s pretty even before gigantamax which makes all Pokemon kind of Tanki and glabrous does have HPV and special defendant has its highest stacked and on top of that taking its signature move gmax residents not only in Flex high damage but also sets up a free Aurora Veil on top of that was Aurora Veil it’s a move that normally can only be activated if it’s currently hailing but gigantamax Lapras also just bypasses that extra set up time it’s just allowed to do it and when the veil is created at last five turns and during those five turn that reduces all incoming damage from a text and special attacks by half and it’s already a tank

however that being said or seafood signature moves

I passed this Vale the moves description is that they hit the target for full damage even if it is protected by a protection move would even include maxguard and it’s the whole

wind Patrick what’s up its Defence thinking that it’s good but it’s not it’s a fool for doing that you know but this is also why are Shifu is kind of up there and knock in black dress down a bit because it’s Works Pacific Lee Designs to get past lapis’s point B at Max Lab Rats is still a freaking Shanker when it comes to surviving Battle Royale defense is the Ultimate Weapon which I believe is why gigantamax Lapras would win a gigantamax battle royale most of the time to be honest it is closed between lacquer and see if you are both are pretty up there along with Charizard being just a beast that can melt anything but why are you are and not or she who asks that typically just comes down to type distribution in the most agree that or she who are fighting water-type combo is vastly superior to Hershey food messes fighting dark well it might have more weakness is it also has vastly more resistance is it

nothing it’s times for week too and also because of ours at hacks hitting multiple times it breaks through disguises and substitutes in it just better all-around really and again and Battle Royale situation being able to rapidly strike and block opponents all around you is far superior to occasionally being able to take out one opponent every now and again super high offensive abilities are also Woodland Charizard and grimmsnarl on to this list and the sheer tank Inus of Snorlax Android not help them out to and try to rain up here as a combination of its staff and utility being able to confuse those around it and he’ll also is pretty beneficial but not enough to take the top spot since she’s a bit unhinged also

that’s a quote from dr. fries but doctor freezes wrong the dinosaurs died way before the ice-age even happened and there you have it that’s the reason that Battle Royale was the way it was now go watch it again because they love pouty rillaboom the most and I’m sure there’s a load of hidden little jokes and Easter eggs that you missed to go find out there’s a load and also if your new I implore you to check out our other videos all about over-analyzing Pokemon all over the channel and if you like what you see please consider subscribing and until next time never stuff using your Noggin