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January 2, 2022By Origin Ten LTD28 Minutes

Game Theory: FNAF, Don’t Trust Gregory (FNAF Security Breach) By The Game Theorists


after years of waiting Five Nights at Freddy’s security breach has finally launched in with it we now have a whole load of mysteries to discuss what the deal with the Band Knee therapy tapes why is this room from Sister location in pizzaplex who’s the best animatronic and why is it there are a lot of things to solving this massive game is Lord hide behind every pirate poster and inside every arcade cabinet for the theory I have today goes to the heart of this game dressing the one character that we spend a lot of time with but don’t actually see all that much and that’s our main character of security breach Gregory yep in a franchise full of dead kids I want to focus on the first ever living child we’ve seen in the main story of the games except for in the fruit amazement of game but we all know the chance of Deadpool is Gregory what is Gregory and why is he such a cold-hearted Savage to Roxie and the rest of the animatronics

Gregory is brutal the answers to those questions will recontextualizing everything that you thought you knew about the series begin

hello Internet welcome to Game Theory do they can’t help but stuff is faced with Snapple or like chica stuffed her face with pizza and garbage I guess at this point it’s kind of a place to us too if you want to stuff your YouTube feed with SNAP videos that hit that subscribe button right now cuz the day starts what I expect to be a three-part series into the many Unsolved Mysteries of security breach the surface the game seems pretty self-explanatory right survive being trapped in the mall for one night looks like the new team forgot to read the title of the franchise that’s nothing that’s easy to start looking for me games that actually bothered to read all the emails and I wouldn’t descriptions you learn that there is a lot more here it looks both backwards at the series that came before and forwards into what is coming next. Quite frankly I’m still working on piecing together this is a big game with lots of places to hide things but today I want to focus on a mystery that I do feel like I have a pretty solid handle on a relationship

Gregory and glam-rock Freddy to deal with this random kid and why the killer animatronics only trying to help him but seriously the game kicks off with this incredible cut their best 80s acoustic live on stage before Freddy suddenly glitches out and smash cut the Gregory just the being there I guess it is one of the weirdest most jarring intros to a game ever and then from that point forward we’re just expected to assume that everything is perfectly normal no explanations necessary don’t work here to give you that explanation because I strongly suspect that this boy is not a boy and this robot is not a robot the story of their relationship is one that’s trying to make amends for one of the earliest and most pivotal points from this entire franchise what we do know about Gregory in order to piece together what does the game offer Us in terms of his backstory nothing first and foremost we know that he’s pretty much off the radar the start of the game Freddy does a quick scan only to realize

security guard Vanessa is chatting it up with Freddy and hear this part of their conversation with Gregory is not a guest at the pizza Plex it also seems like he has nowhere else to go in the game is bad ending unlock by just leaving the building at 6 a.m. we see Gregory winding up in an Alleyway sleeping in a cardboard box he appears to be homeless he’s an orphan this then explains a few other things that we see around the pizza Plex in a couple of hidden locations around the building we find little dens that are filled with drawings plushies in bed the most notable one being the one behind the daycare center Gregory seems to be living inside the pizza Plex which would explain his lack of a guest pass to be sure that his name is Gregory in the game’s opening scene greggory has no issues be going to Freddy Freddy ask him for his name he stutters

I’m Gregory why would he stutter on his name when he was clearly fine answering everything else just seconds before so what that at Gregory’s just some homeless kid that sets up shop in the pizza Plex and having to get wrapped up in Afton Advantage plan between a shirt with two stripes across the middle ladies and gentlemen Gregory is none other than the crying child don’t believe me early on we get this weird moment when Freddie suddenly stops what he’s doing and says this group will know that the language in the franchise has never chosen by accident everything is meticulously crafted so is it a coincidence then that the word broken is only used one other time that nasty words to describe the child that iconic Neff forklift with crying child and golden fredbear your broken we’re still your friends I will put you back together both crying child and Gregory look like and are considered

be broken screens of a connection exists in between these two him being the crying child would also explain why he has nowhere else to go with his dad is an undead zombie living inside a yellow bunny suit and his mom is Mia there’s also lines like this looking for you sounds like Chico’s about Nelson’s New York security protocol on the other hand if indeed Gregory is the crying child has lines your take on a whole new meaning because she is quite literally bringing him to his family his father living in the basement William Afton but obviously there’s one big problem with this one that I’m sure all of your screaming at your monitors or typing aggressively down in common crying child is dead he died and sniff for when his older brother Michael picked him up the beach and not only did he die his soul then went on to be one of the two Spirits possessing golden Freddy about there being the vengeful Spirit Cassidy before

finally put to rest by the puppet in the happiest day ending FNAF 3 this kid is well and truly gone he is removed from the franchise he is one of the few cards that are officially off The Lure tables and do I dare invoke his name here because Gregory is a robot a rebuilt version of The Crying child from multiple snap books to try and explain parts of the game that don’t make sense I’ll try to make this as quick and painless for all of us as possible in the book children having tragic premature deaths and then being rebuilt as robot by their grieving father is something that happened a lot like a nickel for every time this plotline showed up I’d have both and have like three nickels which isn’t a lot but it’s weird that it happened three times in the original novel Trilogy the whole big twist of that was that Charlie daughter of Henry Emily died as a kid and that her father put her back together by building robotic version the first one representing a different stage of her growing up development than yen in

add beer flights we have the character of Eleanor it strongly implied have been billed as a replacement daughter as well as dr. Talbot who developed Remnant as a way to preserve his sick and dying daughter all of this is without me even going into the numerous stories where children get swapped out for robots and or Faz Google which once it has your DNA basically create the clone of you if that’s the future of the franchise were going down some weird pads my friends anyway to summarize there’s evidence in The Wider cannon that platforms lines about the crying child being broken and needing be put back together for meant to be much more literal than any of us first suspected have to go that far in security breach itself there is plenty of evidence to suggest that Gregory isn’t exactly what he seems when Manny spots you and starts to get closer your vision get the CR-V effect basically the horizontal lines that old TV monitors used to get and it’s worth remembering that since this is a first-person game that is representing your vision so why are your eyes suddenly behaving like cam

is on the fritz unless you know they are cameras on the fritz l in the game once we defeat Roxanne wolf we can take out her eyes and upgrade Freddy or feds watch tells us that quote Roxy sees things differently than others sometimes you’ll stare and talk to the other box through wall she’s able to see things that others can’t which allows us to see Collectibles like secret CDs in a way she has a sort of x-ray vision is why when you first installment of Freddy his comment really stands out how are your new eyes-free of the normal child now that he has these new eyes he’s able to see through Gregory skin and reveal something that he wasn’t expecting like saying animatronic endoskeleton Gregory can be inside Freddy when he’s inside the charging stations which zone feels weird like I kind of expected you to hop out and leave him to charge but don’t we pilot him inside of it and then sit there as a charges or could it be that those charging stations are as much for

as they are for him behind the daycare we assumed Gregory’s living there’s a strange amount of decommissioned and what appear to be Selvage security robots maybe for a kid who needs a robotic upgrade the fact that there is no record of Gregory would also make sense if he’s an animatronic there wouldn’t be records of him because he’s not technically a human it would also explain why Gregory has no parents may be the biggest point of evidence comes from the very beginning of the game where during the opening cutscene we see Freddy glitch out this death amount of course of being good for the rest of the game what causes that glitch to happen in the first place by going frame by frame we can see that there’s a security threat on the loose and it looks to be a small child Gregory it have to be Gregory is the threat he poses a threat to Freddie’s programming but why how what would make sense about that well to understand that connection it’s time to put a pin and Gregory and turn our attention over to Freddy’s

games final secret ending you end up going below the pizza Plex only to discover a former Freddy Fazbear’s location Freddy Fazbear’s Pizza place if that name doesn’t mean anything to you shouldn’t really most of the restaurants in the series go unnamed well the name might not mean anything the layout should be a familiar one one large rectangular stage with lights on the trim and big speakers on either side and a smaller semicircle stage right next to it it’s from snap 6 Pizzeria simulator notice the stool that are placed right in front of the checkered floor we even have purple striped tablecloth than blue green and red plates exactly like we saw in Pizzeria simulator has a refresher this is the location that Henry Lord all of the roaming animatronics do in order to burn them to the ground one final time

the darkest pit of Hell has opened to swallow you whole so don’t keep the devil waiting friend Henry plan didn’t quite work as expected we still see pretty much everyone that he tried to torch away they’re all alive and well and thriving underground spring-trap is there molten Freddy is there this big black blob and if you look inside that blob you can even see baby even the puppet lessons the impact of that Savage Henry speech from fantastic but whatever anyway the reason I bring this up outside of giving me a chance to remind everyone that I totally called something like this happening at the end of the last Theory from a year ago is that one character is notably absent here Michael Afton was the guard working at the Fantastic location and the one who helped to burn it down my Brave volunteer who somehow found this job listing not intended for you

although there was a way out plan for you I have a feeling that’s not what you want I have a feeling that you are by the way you want to be turning purple and trying to undo his family thins location my location he went down with the ship and burned alongside his father and sister which means that presumably he should be here somewhere and yet he’s not unless of course he’s taken out a new form perhaps glam-rock Freddy we know for a fact that Freddie has been down here based on some of the lines that he drops during the finale

I have been here before she brought me here

now I have a choice I have changed my friends are here they are so angry when I can reject you can get possessed we also hear that Freddie is an acting like his normal self saying and in yet another ending the fire ending Freddy is more than prepared to set the place Ablaze much like Michael Afton did to Fazbear’s fright the end of Mask 3DS old habits die hard and nothing says that clearer than the replica of Mike’s room from Sister location that’s hiding inside the Pete the blacks out for those of you who don’t know hidden inside the mall is the exact replica of Mike’s living room from Sister location down to the TV lamp and basket of exotic Butters exotic but for the rest of the sub-reddit it reads as follows quote

I can mend I built the breath they hunt now Drawn to Life not real still me and fritton fraught with Dalton zest and yes no blunt woes Dodge duck / shoot Crowell run crush the vile band try not try not do not hold out hope your life your aim will save those with soul feel like this is some sort of a poetry reading snaps everyone that young man to the Bongos this is just a bunch of fancy talk all relating to Mike’s personal Journey the first line is all about breaking and repairing things and in doing that creating new life in other words ennard and baby breath is all about his commitment to try and stop the evil animatronics and try to save any of them with a soul left in their bodies know what does the presence of this room and pull necessarily mean that Mike he’s Freddy know but I do think it’s telling that we’re reminded of my commitment to save everyone inside of a room that you’re required to find alone in the dark I eat without glam-rock Freddy hovering over our shoulders heck during the finale

even get this line from glam-rock Freddy room or here


talking about molten Freddy Spirits trapped inside of the blob it’s very possible that those were indeed his friends captured and killed back in the day maybe William himself Strike Back Against the kids that had bullied his youngest son and now some of their Spirits are trapped below the surface as part of The Blob in this abandoned restaurant maybe that’s why Gregory is so brutal to all of these animatronics at the end of each boss battle they killed him back in 1983 and now it’s his turn to show the bullies No Mercy by launching a go-kart at their face and ripping out their eyeballs and meanwhile Freddy is sad because they are quite literally his friends from when they were alive but to me honestly the biggest connection point between Mike and glam-rock Freddy are thematic their narrative Mike has been moving to location after location to try and undo his father’s horrible work this would just be a continuation of that story has both afton’s return post flyer and more importantly it also completes the Arc of the crying child and his older brother since accidentally killing his brother and sniff for Michael’s been true

I need to make amends this would be quite literally their grand reunions and older brother finally able to protect and defend his younger sibling in a way that he failed to earlier in their lives this is also why Freddy’s programming glitch out after he encounters Gregory in the opening cutscene the soul of Mike buried deep in Freddy’s code comes through upon sensing his brother again the system so that Michael Afton in the body of Freddy can defend his kid brother and the Afton story doesn’t stop there either before the pizza place we find a family dinner scene made up of decommissioned staff robots a father or a mother that kind of looks like ballora a daughter with rosy cheeks and orange pigtail a son and one with its head missing the child whose head was bitten off in 1983 this is very clearly The Afton family there is no doubt about that story continues in this game in fact I expect that’s why the same Benny ending here is so important and it’s to find a complete all the princess Quest arcade cabinets interrupt pizzaplex to get an ending where we are able to save Annie from the control of glitchtrap this is

something that we predicted would be possible literally a year ago in a theory but I bring this up not to Pat myself on the back but rather to call out the final moment of descending where we see Gregory Freddy and Bonnie all sitting together on a hill a hill that I should point out is oddly reminiscent of the fnafs six gravestone he’ll be a meaningful like all these characters have some sort of History why would van e be there otherwise in this is meant to be the crying child Michael and maybe even Elizabeth the afternoon children the three kids who literally have their lives stolen by the evil Deeds of their father finally reunited finally able to share a moment of Peace on this hill after all Vanessa does have green eyes and blonde hair just like someone else we know from the series but that’s probably a theory that’s best for another day long story short hear Gregory isn’t just any kid he’s not just the crying child either he’s the rebuilt version of The Crying child and animatronic designed to fill the void left by the death of Athens

literally put back together piece-by-piece and Mike meanwhile is also back glammed-out this time continuing to make amends for his path by reuniting with a brother that he accidentally killed as a kid and protecting him in a way that he never could before which then leaves us with the question who is Manny how does she fit into all this why does she fit into all this and why does robot Gregory glitch out each and every time she gets close that might theorists will have to wait for the next episode is this episodes run along and honestly I need more time to think through the answers so in the meantime theorist remember hit that subscribe button so you don’t miss how all these Clues fit together you’re not going to want to miss the next episode mostly because you know if you do if my employer will no longer make any sense to you whatsoever let’s hit that subscribe button free and let’s be honest at this point you owe it to yourself to see how it all plays out for now remember it’s all just a theory thanks for watching