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December 10, 2021By Origin Ten LTD3 Minutes

Olivia Wilde Directs Her Own Vogue Video | Vogue By Vogue

Haven’t been in a fashion, anything in a minute. It’s fun. I’ve seen these folk shorts. The probably have me doing some kind of clever little voiceover at some point, you know.

At least I don’t have to answer four million questions. I mean, they could have a little bit more of a narrative Arc.

Wait, they should try something cool. Like this, don’t mind me staring into the distance, like an absolute badass, flipping my hair Lowell, cuz I’m on the cover of Vogue. Bitches feels like this is I love these. These are so good. I’m always such a fan every time they’re so clever this so funny. I was excited by the way, if there’s anything you want me to do? You just tell me. Okay. I’m so easy. So you just say it. I’m going to do it.

We could do you. No, no, okay. All right. Yeah.

You know, there is one if there’s if there’s if there’s time there’s Anna thought that so bad so bad so bad. Can I thanksgivukkah over yet here and so bad. I just woke up. Sorry. Look at me. Sorry. It’s just that, there’s this one idea. If you want it, you can use it because it’s good. Okay. Okay. Here we go. So here’s what we do. Okay, we start on the ground, dirty. Gritty. We use one of these super wide.

Has it makes everything cool? We stay alone, move super close and I’m just standing there and it’s weird and then pretty floating drapes and they were up and we crash zoom on my face more close-ups. It’s intense on a percent transitions, you know, there are gone all the way around here. Interpretive dance check, super slick Steadicam, then we cut to two like objects, some things like dried flowers. A rap chair or a TV a TV with static get its mix media. Do we get those who grass? Yes. Yes.

All Tall Grass. Where are we visited lose ourselves? We don’t know we’re close and then oh shit! Neon and have to have a neon moment and all of a sudden we rotate all the way around for no reason. You catch me out of nowhere here. Hello has slowed. We have something of fire. No, someone is on fire step. Pick love it. This is going to work.

That’s all it is. Great. Credible. I’m going to give you a chance of yeah. Yeah, thank you so much. Is that okay? You don’t have to use it. You don’t do this. Okay, ready and action.

I never knew working with myself, could be such a nightmare. I should have asked Emily Blunt or Sienna Miller. I have one more idea. I have one more idea.

Via full. Sorry.

Great. We’ll just try it. Okay.