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December 28, 2021By Origin Ten LTD21 Minutes

20/20 DC Mansion Murder Mystery [2020 FULL DOCUMENTARY] By 20/20 – Official Channel


a burning mansion in the Flames a terrible Secret

the fire appears to be intensely headset is that Community to the court especially when those big detail started to come out about what happened inside that house 10 year old son and the family housekeeper all held hostage for almost 20 terrifying hours finally a ransom in cash but it doesn’t save the helpless captive murdered in cold-blood only the smoke escaping out a window this in a wealthy Washington Enclave the vice president’s neighborhood what about the rest of us

ordinary Joes what chance do we have

tonight 20/20 takes you inside the mystery of the DC mansion murders

details new voices my guess is they use the 10 year old to get whatever they wanted out of the adults I can’t stop thinking about that day about life at the Mansion was there anything in the savopoulos is life that suggested they had enemies room by room clue by clue suffering for the shadowy figure caught on surveillance cameras The Tell-Tale take out meal, they got to hit we’ve got a name we’ve got a space at least have their target 48-hour nationwide manhunt

we really had a lot of motivation catch this guy

the high-stakes capture of suspect here and went through the eyes of the US Marshal who stalked him up and down the East Coast so this is where it happened at the red light that’s where we made our move from all four sides and someone that’s right and New Revelations about that prime suspect tonight in a 2020 exclusive his history of violence and knives just kept coming at me you can’t take your eyes off of this case because it’s just that horribly incredible

David is off tonight and this is a fast-moving case just one month ago it sent a shiver into every family living room a mother or father their young son and a housekeeper spending a terrifying day captive in their own home there are disturbing questions behind that impressive front door and over those 19 hours that the family texted from inside even ordering pizza could anyone have intervened to have many questions of your own as a story for season we’re live tweeting throughout the hashtag so ask us as we piece together Newcleus just out in the last two days are Ryan Smith tells us step-by-step how we ended up here

it wasn’t supposed to be like this

two teenage sisters morning their murder parents and little brother 11 days ago their multi-million dollar home boarded up

newly surrounded by a lock chain link fence starkly out of place in this quiet leafy DC neighborhood and abrupt ending to a love story that seemed destined to play out as happily ever after

I love story that starts in high school Amy Martin and so boss of opolis meet at Springbrook High School in Silver Spring Maryland just north of Washington d.c.

they both decide to attend the University of Maryland where a popular and outgoing Saba’s spend the next four years pursuing the beautiful but shy Amy had a crush on her for all four years and pursued her and pursued her and pursued her and she would never say yes until the very end she finally agreed to go to the date and the story sister said thank God because they seemed like a perfect match for each other

t a fifth-generation Washingtonian the son of a metal works Company CEO she a self-described army brat whose family moved often after college the couple has a large Greek Orthodox wedding at Washington d.c. think Sophia’s Cathedral their wedding picture seen on their daughters Instagram account set up as a tribute what were they like the other guard love me to their housekeeper of two decades Noah Gutierrez says the savopoulos is with a picture perfect couple working for the family they never fight they were so good together he would have lost and Mary berry cake and the same way you know

it was the same way they would have three children Abigail 19th Katerina 16 and Phillip 10 but he makes sure like he was

very funny you know like when I always talk to him and his family get so excited but then when I talked to him a little bit more money for you no no no no no you don’t understand

and Incredibly tight-knit family and Body by pictures posted as a memorial slideshow on the funeral homes website my friend Elizabeth blalack the parents of those children and the children had a wonderful relationship with each other

they were wed everybody wants for their own family

Saba known for a strong work ethic and gentle manner 60s his father is CEO of American Iron Works supplying metal not to your local five-and-dime wood projects like these restoration of the Pentagon after 9/11 the new Convention Center major hotels so it wasn’t strictly sexy business it was a very successful business LLC Washington couple they buy this gabled red brick home in 2001 surrounded by Hedges and you notice that as soon as you walk in the neighborhood you see embassies block away and Joe Biden’s home is not more than a mile away from where they live for this is one of the most established neighborhoods in Washington is on clave will have Titans of Industry Fillion are Senators congressmen and bastard

listed in Washington’s green book A Who’s Who of DC Elite and is part of the DC Elite savopoulos have money a private jet and a 44 ft yacht

and in 2012 while the girls were away in boarding school the parents are living large wood son Philip in the Virgin Islands they decided to play hooky for a year they rented a home that was on an island so Amy would have to put pillows in a dinghy and row across a Waterway to get him to school photos of Opelousas weren’t just living lives of selfish opulence they were in fact incredibly charitable they were generous with their time and their money they donated $100,000 to NCS switches were there two girls went to school before going to boarding school Amy every year for her son’s class is to buy everyone gingerbread houses at Christmas time and she would come in and help with them together so every boy wanted to be in his class

and as their contemporaries would be playing golf and Tennis at the Congressional Country Club so boss passion

kenjutsu an ancient form of Samurai swordsmanship studying the art form for 20 years he was even about the fulfilling his dream of having his own martial arts center scheduled to open here in Chantilly Virginia the week after he was killed

like his father ten-year-old Philip known as flip also had a somewhat atypical an expensive hobby go-kart racing traveling around the country competing in his own car with his own sponsor has not been seen your normal 10 year old gets to do Phillip add a coach and he had a top-of-the-line go-kart and any made her son do his homework between races and it’s in one of these go-kart track that’s the boss of opolis meets this man

hello racing enthusiasts 28 year old Jordan Wallace Wallace creating his own website with videos of the extreme sport would lead to a job as far as personal assistant and Wallace would end up playing a pivotal role in those Final hours before that quadruple murder to bring $40,000 cash to the house

was it an armed robbery gone wrong or calculated murder For Hire questions that we couldn’t found police and this one’s peaceful neighborhood I talked to several neighbors who said that they saw Philip playing in the driveway there was the Amy walking around the neighborhood exercising now passing by that house is in Eerie feeling for these neighbors one that will never go away is Tibet Community to the courtship the city to the court take out food order a $40,000 cash drop at a strange and eerily calm voicemail left for Naila Gutierrez under duress light stay with us

2020 continues with the mystery in the Mansion here again Ryan Smith

it’s Wednesday May 13th around 6 p.m. as Washington DC is closing for the night and people are sitting in traffic just of opolis family with a teenage girls away at boarding school are trying to survive the most desperate night of their lives it begins with a terrifying home invasion also inside the Mansion the family’s housekeeper Vera Figueroa she’s been with us about Melissa’s since her friend in the family’s other housekeeper Naila Gutierrez got her the job you help their work with his of opolis family right and I took her over there

and they was like almost four years ago has been covering the story for ABC affiliate WJLA and something more Sinister happened before the fire one of the captives Tsubasa Papalis leaves a voicemail telling Gutierrez not to come in the next day and the next day when I got that message on Thursday I was thinking and I start calling them so I called her and I say hi there I was going on

dearest husband Bernardo Alfaro telling reporter John Gonzalez from WJLA he begins to worry at 5 Wednesday evening he goes home starts calling or non-stop on her cell phone until the cell phone really stops ringing but at about 9 p.m. the strangest call by far I’ll call for a food delivery we can confirm that we made a delivery to the house please say it’s Amy savopoulos calling Domino’s Pizza order two pies gives a credit card number and special instruction don’t ring the doorbell and caring for a sick child just leave it on the front door is the porch light is on but the house is dark as instructed the driver to leave the pizza ring the bell and drives away taking with him an opportunity and the ordeal for the terrified people just inside there are things that happen that of course now we can look back on and say what if unbelievably

gobbling up most of the pepperoni pie leaving a crust or two legal consultant Nancy Grace has followed this case that the killer actually ordered and ate a pizza during the middle of all this I couldn’t even eat after I heard about it this guy is eating a pizza and the middle of it and the family medicine at go-kart track making arrangements for a package to be delivered to the mansion the next morning tell me about the call to bring $40,000 cash to the house I’ll call once I get the package the longest night passes on Woodland Drive

it’s Thursday Dawn housekeeper Vera figueroa’s husband after working an overnight shift finds his wife still not home he goes to the mansion looking for her knocks on the door or ring the doorbell nothing but it’s interesting he says it’s felt to me like someone was inside you hear them he just says he heard like noises like someone stuck my side just then his phone ring it’s the boss of opolis inside the house they’re just a few feet apart he says I’m sorry I didn’t call you last night very stay the night with us anything he said that he was apologizing profusely so the husband a little more satisfied with that the fact that he’s heard from someone he goes home becomes apparent Jordan Wallace meets another employee at a bank near savopoulos his company American Iron Works he gets for neat stacks of hundred dollar bills 40 Grand calls his boss

for further instructions that tells us assistant to bring the cash to his house coming to the garage the cars unlocked not to give it to him but to put it in a car but you would think with shut off alarm bells and then you wonder why didn’t that person call police the woman responded damn I wonder how much it is why was replies for tea while his head to the Cinepolis home and drop the cash on the driver’s seat of a red sports car at 10:26 a.m. Wallace says this text message to his boss package delivered the cash is dropped but for some reason that doesn’t stop the crime police say The Killing begins we were getting Source information that there was blunt-force trauma to the body that there were stab wounds to the bodies that the bodies also had been

tied up the family terrifying final moments alive piece together from police documents at ABC News sources the three adults Sivan Amy savopoulos Indira Figueroa are held in an upstairs bedroom the women are restrained Savannah is not why do you think they moved the victims of stairs because they have Plus profile inside the home which we reviewed with former FBI agent Brad Garrett the window open left the curtain open you could see what’s going on if you move them up it’s more difficult to see what’s going on the adult sustained terrible fatal wounds they were just days ago police revealing a baseball bat with what appeared to be blood on it was discovered in the room the little boy Philip separated from the grown-ups in another bedroom the sun is where it appears according to court documents is where they set that fire the fact that the three adults were in one room

you have to wonder how much the suspects were using that son as a point to extort them The Killers flea that a human would torture and murder a 10 year old little boy while his mother and father sit in the Next Room hearing him scream

in order to get money

is heinous

before the fire can spread to where the adults are the fire department gets the alarm it’s 1:30 p.m. on Thursday the story blows up media descends on the neighborhood have been here all day long so early that afternoon someone notices Amy savopoulos is missing from the house police asked the public for help but it wasn’t hard to find just follow the smoke the Porsche torch to the church parking lot in Maryland of a man exiting out of that car and leaving the scene they immediately put that video out to the public authorities are already sifting through the grisly scene starting to ask how whoever did this got in the house in the first place they look for a door that has some vulnerabilities for example you have to

French doors over here at the police are reporting that there was a French door kicked there is a a footprint on the door itself this is the picture that print them to try to figure this out with that house being burned so badly their whole reason why is that something on fire in a case like that is to get rid of evidence but not with the country’s best crimebiters on the gace the house and try and find whatever evidence they can to close this case and a Caster everyone involved when we come back a microscopic flu in the strangest place and the during late-night Manhunt and take down US Marshals tell us they’re forced to do something they’ve never tried before go go go