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December 10, 2021By Origin Ten LTD36 Minutes

Tom Holland Calls for a Doctor While Eating Spicy Wings | Hot Ones By First We Feast


Oh my God, that is that’s the worst thing I’ve ever put in my mouth.

Hey, what’s going on? Everybody? From first, we Feast I’m Sean Evans and you’re watching hot ones. It’s the show with hot questions and even hotter wings. And today we close out Season 16 with Tom Holland. He began his career at 12 years old in the West End production of Billy Elliot. Now, he’s one of Hollywood’s biggest box office draws from award-winning performances in the impossible to the Marvel Cinematic Universe. And on the topic of the ladder, he stars in would sure to be one of the year’s biggest films Spider-Man, no way home, which is set to release in theaters on December. 17th. Tom, Holland. Welcome to the show. Hello. I’m a thank you. Thank you for having

Me and before we begin what, cast time for season 16, how are you a spicy food? What’s going through your head? As we prepare to dig in? I’m okay with spicy food. I mean a Nando’s I’m a medium or a hot if I’m feeling adventurous, extra-hot is too far gone for me. So I think today is going to be rather brutal and I think everyone will get to see a sign to me that no one has ever seen before. Maybe, I haven’t even seen this side to me. That’s about to come out, but I’m very excited. I’m a huge fan of the show is actually my mate Twain.

In a couple years ago. I was like you should do this show called Hot ones, but I was hot one. These eyes is show. Are you eat? Spicy chicken wings and you talk about stuff. I like it sounds so stupid and then I watch the first episode, I watched interests. Elba immediately was obsessed with your show and have since then been a huge fan.

The classic Hot Sauce, okay.

Oh, yeah. Other side. Other side other side. You should shave me down. I went for the worst one. The first Wing. Can you imagine? Can I say a huge? Thank you. Because that would have been. We would have cut this. Well, sure. Okay. So we’re going over here. Yep. All right.

I always nice.

Wow, I’m getting a bit of a kick now though. So Spider-Man. No way home captures. The return of Alfred Molina as Doctor Octopus, a role that he had more than 15 years ago, which I imagine is a unique situation for an actor you recall, an instance of his mind being blown by the technology and Innovation that goes into making Spider-Man movies today. That’s got delayed reaction. The old classic hot sauce There. Obviously when he was making the film, I think it was 2002. Maybe his arms, his sort of

The arms were puppets. They were like real tangible, things and that have a guy on each one and they would Puppeteer them while he was performing. So he had to work in tandem with the other four guys on this film. Obviously technology is Advanced CGI has become so, you know, prevalent in these films. So it was amazing. Seeing him have a bit more freedom on set with the way he could move without having to rely on other people. We had this thing called a toothpick rig, which is like a Long Bar, like almost like a crane.

With a platform on one end and waits on the other, and they put him on that crane, so they can move him around. So that looks like the arms of carrying him and he loved it. But he absolutely loved it. But the funny thing is, is that you’d be talking to him and he’d be attached to the rig. And because he has no control over where he goes. He’d be talking to you anymore. Like, yeah, so Tom, I’m from South London and then he would just suddenly like disappear and evil are fucking hell mate. I’ll see you later. So it was, it was a pleasure of Leverage. Sorry, the Spy.

His Joy is, I’ve got still chicken in my teeth. Right? And it comes, I know that, I know that all too. Well, there’s lots of times. I’m putting up a front like it’s not bothering me. But right, every episode, every episode but it it was a it was a privilege to get to work with them with Alfred. He was a good guy. I really liked working with him.

It’s very sweet. Mmm. That was really nice. I actually really like that one. It’s quite sweet. I didn’t really get any vinegar, but it was nice. I liked it. The next one, looks nice. It’s very red chickens, not supposed to be red like that. Okay, so I was interested to read that Spider-Man. No way home director. John W actually assigned a John Hughes movie marathon, which you hosted at your Atlanta home. Yes, and I’m curious if you think there’s any common DNA between the Spider-Man franchise that you star in and then these

Coming-of-age teen movies from the 1980s. The definitely is John definitely took inspiration from those movies. There are aspects of the way characters are dressed all the way. They look. That is definitely inspired by it, but I don’t movies. And I think that is what sets our franchise apart from the rest of the kind of superhero genre. Is that they have this kind of really happy-go-lucky teenage, coming-of-age high school movie.

Vibe, which I’ve never really seen before in a superhero film. Ferris, Bueller’s Day Off for me, was the one that had the most inspiration for Spider-Man. This kid who’s kind of breaking the rules, but he kind of is doing it for the right reasons, but the biggest inspiration for me and my biggest goal in playing Spider-Man. Was I really wanted to be this Generations? Marty McFly. Yeah. I love them. That’s up for everyone else’s opinion. But for me, I’m really proud of what we did and especially my relationship between me and Downey to me.

There’s a lot of similarities between Marty and Doc and I know that they have deep faked us and made that happen, which actually was a huge honor for me. I loved seeing it. But but yeah, so that for me would have been the biggest inspiration. I’m feeling good. I’m feeling good. You look good. Thank you me.

That’s nice. Kind of like a barbecue sauce. A little kick to it. Yeah, that feels good. That’s good. I like that one. So your career it’s taking you around the world and I’ve read that you like to visit golf courses and each new city that you visit. I played baseball my whole life and I think the muscle memory of swinging a bat has ruined any potential I’ll ever have of being good at golf. Do you have any right? Triangle, swing tips for just hopeless duffers like myself?

I mean, we’ve shortened, your backswing is what I’d say because your golf clubs. Now, the technology is so Advanced that you don’t have to hit it that hard for the ball to go. That far a distance. So shorten your backswing and don’t you try and hit it too hard. Well, I’m taking notes. They’re down. Okay, climb to the course next time I go. Are you ready to move on here to the next Wing loss Calientes Faraday and you’re doing great loss Calientes.

Today, okay. This one looks like it’s gonna surprise me. It’s got a bit of a green Hue in there it is. It’s got a green hue.

Art’s immediately spicy. This one barking. Hmm. I’ma go for a second, hit, do but you’re going back in because it’s really nice.

Salute. Okay. Wow. Wow. This is such a good idea for an interview. My brain. My brain is all over the place. Made out of anything. We’ve got him. I would be so honest.

So you had an interesting line on the Nerdist podcast, where you talked about how playing a superhero kind of takes away. Your biggest superpower is an actor since you’re also covering your face, but what do you see as the limitations? Or maybe even the opportunities for an actor when you do spend half a movie and behind a costume. I mean mmm, it comes with its own set of challenges for sure. Fuck me. Wow. I want to try and do this and not have any milk, okay.

I’ll see how they I don’t think that’s gonna. Yeah, there’s no signal even we’re ready for in. It’s definitely difficult. I mean as an actor, you use expression with your face to convey emotion. And when you take that away, you have to figure out how to do it with your physicality. So if you took off the Spider-Man suit, and I behave the way I would while in the suit you’d think I was a crazy person and acting way way too much and too big but cover up your face. All of a sudden, those bigger reactions, feel normal my secret weapon.

Is the, I will always pretend like my arms are dead. So that when I move my arms kind of swing around. So Peter Parker’s hands are always doing the most crazy stuff. And for me that has been a really good way of like making him feel youthful while also, in moments of peril and stuff like that. But it’s also sometimes a great thing. Like, if I’ve gone out the night before and had a little bit too much to drink, if I’ve got a mask on no one. No, so it’s fine.

I’m supposed to be going to a Lakers game tonight. I’m going to start shit after every quarter. Let’s do this revolutionary. This one’s a little


One’s good. That’s his revolutionary. Yeah. Wow, as advertised. Wow. Wow. All right, Tom. We have recurring segment on our show called explain that g where do a deep dive on our guest. Instagram cloak interesting pictures that need more context. So we’ll show you the picture over here on the monitor, on eBay. Mmm, a fellow season 16 hot ones, Alum right there. Roy. I love him so much. He’s one of the greatest guys I’ve ever met. I remember doing a scene with him. I told the story yesterday, actually, and I said to him, son.

As an actor, if you’re doing a scene that requires like, real stress. I find it quite helpful. If someone kind of rough me up a little bit.

And I said to John, as I make this before the scene, could you just rough me up a bit? And, and, you know, just just scare me a little bit, please. And he was like, nah, man, I don’t want to do that. Like, you’re my little brother. I’ve I love him and I don’t think that good impression. Okay. Oh, I appreciate that. If you don’t want to do that, that’s fine, and they went right? We’re rolling. And they went action and he went. Oh my God, and it was great and it works so well for the scene, but he just, he just didn’t want me to know, it was coming, but he properly cracked me one. I look back on.

A very fond experience and meeting him was, you know, one of the highlights. We haven’t had a chance to work together since, but I would love to, oh my God.

It just came back. Yeah, they can. They can sometimes when you least expect it like from deep within.

This looks really nice. I can’t wait to try it. Okay, I’m just gonna eat it. Ready, ready? Oh no. Oh no.

at first, at first,

Come on. Oh, yeah. Starts to grow on your little bits are interesting and air hits you lat. Wow, looks amazing. Hmm. Sometimes I really try to figure out how to make my voice sound cooler. If I’m doing scenes. I just need to eat again spicy. We figured out in technique here today.

Wow, okay, I’m gonna go for a second hit because I want to. Okay, then I’m going back to the other. Okay. I feel like I’m really seeing the actor side of, you know, like really immersing yourself in the experience. I really want to see what this is about. Wow. Ash Way was second time. Wow. Well, then my nose now.

So know that while you’re weary of overly laddish behavior that the pub culture, the old school Pub culture, it still has a special place in your heart and then pub food to me. It’s an endless topic of Fascination. Whenever we visit London. Can you explain what a carvery is for? The uninitiated recovery? And Recovery is. Hmm. Firstly, amazing. It is a portion of food that normally revolves around a piece of meat. It can be any meat. I don’t know.

This is an actual rule. But I know that my local pub used to do it when we were kids. But if you’re 16, so two years under the legal drinking age. If you have a carvery, they are allowed to serve you a pint of beer. I guess the idea is that the amount of food, cancels out the beer. Obviously, it’s kids. We would have used that rule and go and not eat food and just drink a beer, but a Carver, he’s like a portion of meat with food, like a rose dinner. What does it mean of a dishes? Mini minging means? It’s disgusting like that. Last Wing was minging.

Well, if you thought that was me, you’ll see what you think about the next one. The milk looks so good.

Oh, yeah, that’s it. That’s not that bad. Wow. That one’s not bad. I like that one. Yeah, it’s tasty. It’s the second hit is the end. I think it’s when you go back in. Listen, I didn’t come into play. I can commit to eat these chicken wings. So there’s a lot of lore surrounding that 10-minute long tsunami seen that opens up the impossible, your feature film debut.

Is it true that you guys only had one shot of doing that? Because to rebuild this set and shoot it again, would have blown the budget. Yes. Oh my gosh.

Essentially, what they did is they built.

They built like a man, my lips, are they built a set? That was a third of the size of the actual hotel in which it happened. The, the they had something like three million liters of water in a huge tank with these Breakaway doors. And essentially, the director had this big red button.

I think they were using something like 14 cameras at the same time, all set and specific locations. There was obviously no one on set while this was happening because it was very dangerous. Oh my God, then they hit the button and the water came out and destroy the set and it was incredibly impressive to witness. It looks great in the film and then obviously, what they do is they upscale it. So, the third size model then looks full size and then they put us in a compass in

And it was amazing. It was really incredible. And and that’s that’s the end of my story and fuck me. That is. So spicy. Is it true that you blew a Star Wars audition? Because you couldn’t contain your laughter reading lines, opposite someone pretending to be a Droid. Yeah. Yeah, this that’s very true. I don’t think that’s the reason why I didn’t get the role. I think, John boyega was just better for the role of me, but I just remember thinking there’s no way this lady is going to

Eat the robots lines opposite me just because that would be ridiculous. And I don’t remember what my line was, but it was let’s get back to the Falcon. And then this lady blesser would sit there with full commitment and she just was. I and I just remember thinking the first time she did it. I went off on us funny. Oh, wow. Our brilliant. We’ll do it. We’ll do it again. Sorry did the line again? I remember sort of thing.

I’m like, you’re not actually going to do that right now. Choose arm. Yeah, the robots part. The scene is the character is R2D2 and C3PO. No. Yeah. I just got the giggles because, you know when you realize you’ve got something so wrong. Yeah. I just couldn’t stop laughing.

I’m not going to try the lemon because I want to I want to do the whole experience, I want to. And then at the end when we cut the cameras, I’m gonna drink. Okay? So quickly, we’re gonna bring in a whore, they’re gonna joke is so quick right here. Let’s do it. They’re the bomb. All right, ready? Yeah, let’s do it.

The bone. All know. I didn’t even put it in my mouth and whoa.

Victoria just went like this. Oh no. Mmm. Oh, mate.

Oh, mate, not as so bad, huh? You and me same page there.

Do you think a lick or do you this age? Are you not?

I just survived. Oh my God, that is so stage. I just survived. Oh my God. Yeah.

I think it’s dry time to try this lemon drink. If this is a joke, and this is going to make it worse around telling you, I’m not setting you up. I don’t know if it’ll help that much.

That doesn’t help. I don’t think, I don’t think anything. Well, I don’t think anything will have to walk this off first. Yeah. Yeah, take a lap. Take a lap. Who’ve seen some Laps on this show, huh? What a magnum. Yeah. We’d love of Magnum.

If you don’t have any magnet.

oh, my, that is

That’s the worst thing I’ve ever put in my mouth. Wow. I feel so sick. You okay. I’m fantastic mom over the time of my life.

I feel like I just got like botox but had no anesthesia or something. Not that I’ve ever had Botox on. Oh, it feels like, that’s where the whole world is like he’s had Botox.

Could I please have some more? Yeah, we’re on it. We’re on it. We’re on it. I’m gonna throw it much. Give you a hug. I see. Yeah, we got a secret. Dom is always here. Wouldn’t the milk. I appreciate it.

So tell me, pull rods episode. Yeah, our favorite episode. Oh, but I’m sure, you know, how kind. Yeah, look at us. Look at us, look at us. Who would have thought? Who is thought like? Fuck me?

This one is up to 12. Meaning that you should be 12 and above or 12. I think on a scale from 1 to 10. Oh my God. I’m so stupid if it was for underrated it would have said

Not advice for people, under the age of 12.

Okay. Wow, I feel cold. And on fire, at the same time, like, my insides feel like they’re burning, but my outsides feel like it’s really cold. All right, we ready. I’m ready. I’m okay.

I’ve got a lot of that. On my lip there. Oh, yeah, I’m a second dip there because I don’t think I got it. Are you sure? Yeah. I’m a second dip because that are you sure? Yeah, we’re going. All right.

Oh, yeah, sure why she ma’am? Oh wow.

Oh, yeah. Well, so I’m always amused when I hear you say that people confuse you from one of those British actors with classic training. Remarking how you want to only 22 percent of drama school classes. What do you think an actor learns just going directly into the industry? Talking to directors being on set that maybe they wouldn’t pick up? If they went to prestigious drama school, like Radha. I think that sometimes a benefit. I’m not going to drama school is going.

Fresh and allowing your teachers to be.

The director, you know, and this is a piece of advice. I got from Robert Downey. Actually, to let my body do the work rather than thinking about everything. So for me, I tend to learn my lines the morning of so that the moment I’m saying there is fresh as possible.

And is that doctor here?

Wow, I’m not joking. No, I’m joking. Fucking, he’s a good actor. He’s a good actor. This might be the best milk rightly ever had. They can always has he been my walking through the desert.

That’s exactly what it feels like. All right, the last one on the list.


The last dab with the Apollo pepper.

Okay. All right. Let’s do this last out, but I have to say, you know, whoa, that’s too much. Is it? Listen, I’ve committed now is they’re very bad. Looks like, maybe, maybe hit that with a little not done it. I got a bed, okay.

I feel like I’m about to jump off a cliff or something. That’s a lot as well. I put Wade usable. I need a bit on there. You showing your experience. I know. But you know what, I gotta join the party. This is the season 16 yours. Wow. This is the season 16 Finale this season, 16 Finale and Tom. You’ve been so brave coming into this. Not sure how it was gonna go and look at you.

And sauces going in for double hits. All right, let’s do that. I’d cheer. It’s a pleasure mate. I’ve really enjoyed this pleasure is all mine.

How much I hate my job?

Oh my, I know. But Tom the good thing is you’ve slayed the spicy sauce Beast. We have put the nail in the coffin of season 16 and if we’ve learned anything through this interview, it’s that you love movies and that you love making movies. And I’ve heard that you have a propensity to maybe take a souvenir to from set. And so to close things out. I just want to ask you of all of those souvenirs that you’ve taken from movie sets over the years. What is your Holy Grail? The

Has the most sentimental value to the most.


Next time I do a crime scene. I’m calling you and you got a semi this hot sauce. I will show up answer. I’ll show up answer. My favorite souvenir was actually given to me.

What was given to me is given to my little brother Patty.

When Black Panther was coming up. Robert Downey. Jr. Was making book Doolittle in London, and he was staying down the road from where I live.

Invite us.

To a screening but black path.

As house.

And he comes running into the room and he’s holding the original Iron Man. Helmet and Downey had given it to him as a gift. That’s a really special one for me because I was lucky enough to join the MCU, but I joined it very late and that souvenir, you know, that’s from the original film. That’s the boot the birthplace of this incredible world. That Kevin feige and Marvel have created, you know, and Downey and Favreau kick-started. So to have something from that film is a huge honor.

A holy grail and look at you Tom, Holland putting a bow and season 16 taking on the wings of death and living to tell the tale and now there’s nothing left to do but roll out the red carpet for you. Tom Holland, this camera, this camera, this camera. Let the people know what you have going on in your life. So, why do I know my home is coming out, December 17th?

It’s the best part of my movies ever made. It’s so fun and exciting. It’s emotional. It’s heartfelt. I’ve been such an honor for me to play Spiderman pull this time and for it to come to this point. Honestly, he needs the world to me.

I’m going to be sick. I’m going to sign off. It’s been a pleasure. Thank you so much.

Please feel free to roll on this. Yeah, it’s the bomb. Well.

God. Jack, you took a big old bite. Their me. You can with spicy food. You’re the coolest person. I’ve ever met Jack’s just gone. That’s hot though. Oh my God. The director, this hot sauce.

Yeah, you just have to place all of the junk.

You are there, bro. Are you feeling?

Water, makes it worse as well. And shit, my pants.

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