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January 1, 2022By Origin Ten LTD4 Minutes

Betty White gearing up for her 100th birthday l GMA By Good Morning America


I’ll get you go on a Wednesday right welcome back to this GMA on this Wednesday morning tomorrow on GMA we reveal the American Girl 2022 Girl of the Year doll it’s a GM a tradition I’ve been a part of these reveals and for the past few years it’s very exciting to see the silhouette there who will it be you will meet her tomorrow morning right here a lot of little girls are very I’ve got to admit all up for her Centennial birthday and just a few weeks the Golden Girl will be bringing in the big one oo afraid 102 celebrate early she’s revealing her secret to longevity the actress sitting down with People magazine saying that she was born an optimist and that finding the positive in the key to her long life knows we can all take on that also joking about her diet

quote I try to avoid Anything Green I think it’s working with you and is lucky to be in such good health. Almost 100 years young nowadays she likes to spend her days playing crossword puzzle card games and watching golf in Jeopardy to read more about Betty you can pick up the latest issue of People Magazine on newsstands why you know she’s the best I’ve been really an end to be Betty White turning 100 that girl really incredible so hats off to her exactly no grief tumbling onto our screens and exactly two weeks and this morning we’re getting a look at its highly-anticipated return with a new trailer check it out

cheerleading is the only thing that could get my mind off of everything else

if Navarro flipped up this year

Trinity Valley is right there to snatch the title from them I don’t need to win any more trophies but I do want to be the best

Stephens here such a journey to defending their championship title against Rivals Trinity Valley Community College before then you can catch Nevarez come to Monica aldama when she joined us live right here on GMA next week and finally this morning a milestone celebrated with family twenty-three-year-old Melanie Salazar is officially a college graduate and get this so is her grandfather Salazar and her eight year old grandfather Renee neira versity of Texas San Antonio Before Christmas undergrad degree back in the 1950s but decided to focus on his family and work only re-enrolling for his degree when his granddaughter graduated from high school but two would carpool to class study even go to Club meetings together.

Talia said she’s so inspired by her Grandpa strength and proud of him for graduating congratulations to a Robin Roberts here thanks for checking out our YouTube channel lots of great stuff here so go on click the Subscribe button right over right over here to get more of Awesome videos and content from GMA everyday anytime we thank you for watching and we’ll see you in the morning on GMA