hey once you create engaging post effortlessly and 50 Cent here we go have a look at these beautiful clothes created with the poll maker plug in

is it see the results are shown in percent

who would you choose as the coolest one from the list

no it’s right this one

we can see the results are without voting

can I have the social share buttons and the restart button let’s find out what the French rule versions of cool makers suggest

now you will get acquainted with the functionality of Pony cart to bring your part to Perfection firstly that have basic configuration settings of your pole give a title price on a question and the possible answers Define the Prototype

from the styles that take full control over your full display make use of the most stylish design options

next controller settings to feel pulled and take it to another level with our options

now set up the results page of your pulled right now no results message so the results out anymore

on the limitations top control the entries are poking received and decide how and who you capture data from the list by enabling the information

email settings enable autoresponders to be informed every time I go to submit it finally integrate your call with the following Services now let’s move on to the next page as new categories for your post

the results please keep track of all your poll results by specifying Apple it’s also possible to explore the results observe the statistical diagram of your post create custom fields for information form and controls them

access to basic settings that has IP story Jose Rizal and more doing all the feels corresponding to the preferred integration in this section here you’ll find the short code intended for all the post the shorts called result by 80 and more detailed instructions for creating a pulp and find the answers to your questions on this page there so thank you for watching hopefully you took a liking to our tracking should you have any questions feel free to get in touch with us

Credits :Helpfolder
he’s so let’s take a look at how you can add phone to your WordPress website using W people’s case so this is a plug-in can find on WordPress repository let me just copy the name and then we will go to Avenue

and a new base we will simply based on what I just copied into search and that should show you this lovely people posed by Lister install now on your internet connection now he wants button is added to the side part and we are going to kick on Airport

now here we are going to add phone with first question do you like this

folder tutorial

okay so answer is yes and then no

eight and then allow users to select more than one answer no and then start date and there is no need for that and then you can find its shot could read it simply copied is now open your pages or post so let’s go to all pages

no I’ll let’s go to

let’s see a peach click on it it

oh here I just want to create a new block so I will just use the enter button and create some space now here I will simply post my shotgun you can also remove this and view you are

document in the sea

Court View

you are shocked Golden Corral

in our view the beach

and here see your pulleys and it so do you like how do you say yes and pecan wood

result on what and how many voters have voted to add pool to your WordPress page up post using W peoples

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