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hello my name is Jeremy Landa or today I’m going to cover how to create a simple site map that can be used upload to Google or Yahoo or MSN basically a site map is just a simple XML file and I’m going to go ahead and open up when I have created here for one of my sights and as you can see it’s just a simple XML it’s got the little site map editor up here and this is just a template that I downloaded on the internet and you can just go to my website at and you can see that the site map 1. XML file if you just open that file of you can actually download it or just cut and paste this right into your own text and you can

do you just want to modify your own URLs modify the files put you on you or else in there and you can add pages just by you copying

and go ahead and just paste it on in there and then add and add more pages if you have more than

more than I do I have a fairly simple website so it’s very easy to maintain if you have a larger website that requires more pages many more pages and sometimes it gets updated more often you might actually consider looking into a product that’ll actually automate this process for you but for simple websites like mine at simplesite like this then I can maintain this file myself and Google will actually go out and upload upload it once a week or I guess I’m there and it’s downloading it to their site once a week and

and they can they can actually scan my pages so that’s nice but the nice thing about the having the site map out there is is that they get all my pages and they know where the pages are and they know what pages are more important because I put a priority in there and

now there’s no guesswork as far as if I got broken legs or anything like that so basically all I did is I created a start off with this link here to my index page and then I kept adding for the different Services page in the products page have just basically one line or one your LSAT for each page I have in there and as you can see that’s at all done for me right now

and maybe next time I’ll make a video on how to upload that Google

have a nice day

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