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what is this quick demonstration of importing fillable PDFs in full makeup and potato into forms that you can send off and then get filled in any way for me to send back to you before or after extracting the tie so like I said he have a Amor iOS on Mac OS friendly version of your phone so I can punch your device example here and then

edit boxes and some checkboxes on a favorite color list of things I didn’t see it on the iPod it’s in a folder this is just the falls out that’s the photo I put it into unless the pool man

have you got and then I’ll just pick on Imports and then selects fillable PDF room and then it comes up with the dialogue with the list of phones or the photos and if I do then I asked me to pick up I never got a bathroom in that form is not ready so we have a look at it

well we can see the respect of the text okay that’s all fine and then we were a couple of boxes and Okay the reason why is done now this is whatever you like long bones in formica because I don’t know the print pages printed is relates to a single page on a phone on my iPad screen so that the device will work in them

and then reminder feels as we created three pages for not an issue fillable PDF page the labels on the other box is fine and then we got a list for the country is fine again next page and then we’ve got this was a chat box on the fillable PDF

this was out of the chat box and this was a list of checks check boxes which is extracted in a single segment to control the guy was just a list for the forms that was worth going into design mode

just configuring the phone to 22b as you would like it to be

formica SL April’s in fillable PDF forms in the pool maker

welcome to El Dorado video channel after watching the video please share your thoughts in the comments section today we will explore the four major from what tirado I will be there in a training the professional version of any product from Toronto please keep in mind there will be certain limitations with the free version of the plug-in and are consecutive videos we will talk about description of form filled you doing for months managing and Publishing submissions and blocking eyepiece in this first video I will show you how to install create and publish your created for so first and foremost will go to admin panel on Google click on login

we’re going to plug in click on add new and where will click on upload plugin

what shoes are on file for maker click open and click install now for Mac users go to your downloads folder and locate the folder with the plug-in right click on the folder and now you have a newly-created zip file which can be installed as described here I’m going to need to activate to plug in at this point and I’ll do that seconds later I should see it in my plug-in folder okay at this point it’s a good idea to remind you that if you already have installed a plug-in and want to update it while preserving their existing forms you need to deactivate and delete the four maker from the list of plug-in right here okay click deactivate and then delete do not uninstall your for maker from the for makers uninstall menu let’s go to for maker click on the manager at the manager screen here there are eleven ready forms that you can use or modified to kid of your knee and next to each for there is a short cord that you can add to your page

are opposed and a p h p function that you can insert into your coat let’s go ahead and add a new form click on add new here

directions to new window and you will need to give it a title first form for me I’m going to click on apply to say and then I’m going to randomly add some new field to my form I will click on add new field here select actinput simple tax is fine I will talk about these options in a different video so I’m not going to go into the options of the form I will be safe here

add another child tax info. Let’s say a name saved and then of course I need my submit button and I will say okay I will click on apply to save all the changes and at this point what I need to do is publish my form and that needs to be either on a poster of paid and I have created a page here I will go to my first form and if you remember you can bring in your short code from the list of the fields and paste it here or you can simply click on the insert for maker button and select your four first four click on insert update in your form is ready now we should be able to see it on our page and if I were to go out to my first warm and refreshment hear my foreman right here so I hope you do like our videos and if so please like us and hit the Subscribe button and follow us on social networks

add more videos are coming keep tuned in

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