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December 23, 2021By Origin Ten LTD1 Minutes

Wishing David Diamante a quick return after his motorcycle crash By ESNEWS

hey guys how’s it going David Diamante to ring announcer was in a bad crash he will be okay he will come back but I keep him in your prayers I saw everyone from the box of was giving a shout-out considering their best from Eddie Reynoso Eddie Hearn Dmitry Salita and many many other people anyone that knows David likes me to real likable person and he’s very passionate about boxing and he’s a great Ring announcer you know him from the long dreads and he’s a lot of the dazn fights before years way before that he was around the back and sing with a New York very very dedicated to boxing gloves boxing gloves boxing and I’m just wishing him a quick recovery from the motorcycle crash is terrible when do you think these things happen but it’s good to see so many people in boxing come together to support one individual from the sport so that was a 50c and like I said I wish they would a full recovery help the team back doing what he does best announcing fight

and I will keep you guys posted on his return so they have a state to a report that, Millie said bad reporting

Rebecca Black

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