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January 26, 2022By Origin Ten LTD6 Minutes


ladies and gentlemen KSI Logan Paul have released Prime the new drink that even supposed to be I had to steal this from KSI so please respond to me please thank you for the drinks but as you can see we have 05 flavors here I’m going to be trying all of them and ranking them from best to worst imma be completely fat I’m not going to be swayed by the fact that he’ll beat me up if I say I don’t like it we have lemon lime tropical fruit blue Rasberry grape and orange I’mma tell you this right now in 20 was in these three caffeine-free gluten-free sugar-free I’m going to like the most I think this one this is the one that JJ has a blue raspberry flavor

call to go wrong with lemon lime so this is a number 2 number 3 this number for that one can stay over there that’s why I’m predicting poke prediction done. From the worst or the best for random scrap will use the whale Choice ever first one is

yeah sure I’m just realized that was like three blues so I felt like we were always going to try blue

put a proper wine tasting in

you know it’s it’s good it’s good very good I have to do you know Papa tasting smells like gays right I know I probably shouldn’t say that I’m just lost my sponsorship for a second taste

guys really good really good very sweet K-8 mix all that time. Drink number to we High

crane oh my god wow I’m going to end up doing it in order online okay lemon lime American thing I feel like we would say this is lemon lime Americans you stupid why I put this second cuz I feel like you can’t really go wrong with lemon lime was developed to fill a void went great taste me functions with both of us punching flavors to help you refresh replenish and refuel is a drink drink

we know that doesn’t kill me I caught goggle don’t look at me like that I struggle

I didn’t expect to like this more than this but I do calories with someone like me I need to watch my calories I’m a big boy it taken for us for this orange red or purple

red tropical fruit punch punch I like Americans do sometimes just throw us out that contain tree nuts

brought the tasty that’s not is close to blue raspberry what do I give this that’s 8.5 x 8.5 vikkstars but with a bad headache. So the little bit was okay it’s close it’s very close but blue Rasberry just add lemon lime the best around


it didn’t change orange drinks thing or is lucozade Sport amazing Polly should say that again cuz it’s horrible

exactly what I thought it was it’s literally orange these drinks so they taste as the children say so much nicer I’m trying them of that best thing in right now I think it is what it is. I’m still going to give you a 7.5 vikkstars out time

I did not say yeah so these two I thought I’d swap these two I thought would be the other way around as well and then we have great the final flavor which I don’t have hopeful cuz I don’t really like grape-flavored things so this is going out to do a little convincing let’s hope it’s great

do you want this what what are you lucky subscribers is going to win my spit not really I thought of the table I thought I’d give it another two or three stars is the only one left a friend’s house I would still drink it you know if someone has like monster Munch and that’s the Flamin Hot the pickled onion this the roast beef ones like no one chooses the worst birthday. I think I’ll have to give this like a 66 mix towels with a 6.3 46.3. It is decent doesn’t really come past all those boxes my flavor

his own drinks company that isn’t like shift the YouTuber much this is genuinely see it it’s in Target it’s in Walmart is in Willmar I think the next flavor they should make either a mango wood bang or some form of like berries or fruit so you can have like a dark red into like a the green that’s like apples and raspberries and stuff or just a darker red to make it like Doc fruits make it like JJ congrats Logan Paul you smashed out all honesty try these let me know when you do find which one is your favor and if you actually like grape because

is question that’s it for today thank you guys for watching thank you JJ for providing the drinks he was not you know he did so