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January 18, 2022By Origin Ten LTD6 Minutes

Breaking down the CHAOS at the end of the Dallas Cowboys Vs San Francisco 49ers game By Jackson Krueger Sports

alright complete chaos at the end of this game got to break down what exactly happened here did the Cowboys get screwed wasn’t their own wrongdoing what happened so first let’s set the stage Cowboys have no timeouts left their down six at their own 40 there is 14 seconds left as you can clearly see from looking on the field but San Francisco is doing is it’s a sideline defense they’re not going to let you get to the sideline if you’re going to throw the ball you have to throw the ball over the middle or just go for the End Zone on this play me personally I go for the End Zone on display you get an opportunity and even if you don’t get it you still get another chance for Hail Mary I think that’s the preferable strategy here that was doing something you don’t see too often when you have no timeouts left them is only 14 seconds which was a quarterback draw which I get the logic behind you gave me a good amount of yards since no one’s over the middle and then you get off spike the ball you get one more shot towards the end zone here and it’s a lot easier just going to 20 yards and 40

this will not be the craziest thing that would happen so walk Prescott takes the snap he runs the place well executed by Dallas people make their blocks Prescott actually even slide which is not the worst strategy either because if he runs into a taco then someone can kind of stay on top of him for a while maybe try to fight for the ball when you’re on the ground which could result in more time and you don’t have a chance to run one final play so smart stop by Prescott I wonder if that’s how that was designed actually be look at it nine seconds left you have time to spike it everyone knows you have to get up for potential Spike but the weird thing is going to happen here is I don’t get my dad Prescott doesn’t hand this ball to the referee Prescott’s instead going to hand it to the center and you have to spot the ball you don’t get this put the ball down then spike it right that’s not how the football works you don’t get to decide where you had the ball the referee has to touch it basically is the way that they say you know if you had to your Center the referees have to touch it with that means that it’s illegal playing you can go however that was just doesn’t seem to be ready for this we have a wall in front of the referee referee

he can to get over and touch the football I think he’s doing the right thing here people are going to get mad at the rest here like what are you supposed to do you have a wall of players trying to get through I mean he’s trying to get there as much as you can watch I was going to even Lewis Prescott out of the wife to spot the ball that’s good refereeing in my opinion by him I don’t think that’s a bad play whatsoever but because of that little delay that took too much time in the Dallas actually had them look like with one second left and spiked it 10 seconds left you got to give the referee Elaine to touch the football in spot it really just give the referee the ball right away risky play call in general and I don’t think it’s really worth it so again you’re going to blame the rest it’s always very fun to blame the rest I don’t get how you put that one on the rest that’s just my understanding of you know how to stop work I don’t really think it’s it’s an issue I think that that’s on Dallas that’s that’s what I think but I’m sure you all will agree with me there will be no hot takes whatsoever. We’re all going to disagree in the comments but that’s okay what are you guys

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