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a warm welcome to my what’s my rank review in this review you will learn how to use this WordPress plugin to track your search engine rankings every website owner wants to track their site rankings but the tools to do that are mostly a type of service where you pay a monthly fee it can quickly get very expensive if you have multiple sites with what’s my rank you can track all your keyword rankings from within your website without any monthly fees at all

whether you dabble in AdSense or Amazon or e-commerce you know that your Google rankings are extremely important

this WordPress plugin helps you track keywords used on your site moreover it helps you track long tail keywords and those used by your competitors now you can forget about manually checking to rankings this software does all the hard work for you

what’s my rank is a WordPress plugin you can use to track keyword positions in Ser piece for your site it tracks all your Google site rankings automatically for you and shows you exactly for which keyword your ranking wearing Google

when you install the software you can view your top rankings also you get a graph with historical data with this you can do your ranking performance for a given. You can see whether the rankings have improved or dropped ideally this plug-in is designed for anyone with a website

the front end price for this plug-in will be $19 for a single site license in $22 for multi sites it also comes with six upsells check out the demo of what’s my rank can click the link in the description for details

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