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hi everyone this is Kelly from money Maven and today I’m going to show you how to hard-code and add into Genesis the easy way so what you’re going to want to do I already have it installed as you’re going to want to install Genesis simple hooks by Nathan rice once you install and activate the plugin go over to the left to Genesis and you’ll see that simple hooks is one of the options you can select

so what’s the fox installed most times when people want you to add code before the body tag trying to hard-code an dad say you want to put it

near the header area

we can see that there are Heather hooks right here

and usually I just play with putting a code in here to see where it will show up on my website

did the actor had a hook is usually the area between the header and the content so I’m just going to do add code 33 this is usually that before had her hook is usually right before the header so I’ll do add a code one

one and then I’m just going to go ahead and save it.

Totally missed my sign up that will just go and you can kind of see

where that code is popped up and code 12 Center it you know you’re going to use the center


tags to so you can get it centered on the page and then basically you can go through simple Hooks and if you

want to do an ad in the

you can do that you can do an ad before the comments just look at these different hooks here and honestly I just play with them to see where it will end up on the page

so that is my tutorial for how to hard code added to Genesis again Genesis is one of my absolute favorite WordPress themes all of my lights are built on it and I highly recommend that you use it so you have any questions go ahead and leave one below and if this video helped you at all I’d appreciate a like thanks

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