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hey guys welcome to grid Gallery free WordPress plugin demo presentation

Step 1 install grid Gallery WordPress plugin in the first step we will search the great gallery for

go to the plugins menu page and click on the Avenue so bad your page

now time to greet Gallery in the search box located on the top corner and hit the enter button to search

after the search result is loaded quickly install now biking to installing that activate the plugin

step to create Gallery after installing activate the grid Gallery we will create an Gallery by uploading images

go to the great Gallery menu page and click on the Android gallery sub manual page

first you can get the title to the gallery

now click on the item at Jersey and select the images you want to ride in the great gallery

after riding images you can sort images posture by easy drag-and-drop functionality

you can add title spool text which line

now all basic setting applied to the gallery publish the gallery

after publishing the gallery copy shortcut

step 3 publish the gallery on a pay

go to the pages menu and click on them and new page

type Gallery page title and paste copy shortcut to the content part

publish my page and click on view page to take a look at the gallery preview on the website

so finally we made and published The Grid Gallery free WordPress plugin

thanks for watching our video presentation about the grid Gallery plug-in please like the video subscribe to the channel for more videos and updates also share the video on social platforms with your friends

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