whether you need to crop the image resize it at text or just the colors in this short video will show you how it’s done

while editing your email just click the image you need to edit and then click replace

in the replace window click the edit button from here you can make a ton of changes to your image along the left hand side are all the different customization options available to you to crop your image clicks a transform icon

with the custom craft selection you can drag the corners to your desired size and shape to add text to your image put the text icon and double click to add your text you can change the font type colors size Etc with all of the options here

you can also add other things like stickers frames and overlays when you’re finished editing your image just click export to save your changes and get back to work your image with the changes applied will be saved as a new image in your library then just click insert you don’t need a separate Photo Editor to make your images look great it can all be done right in your Constant Contact account

Credits :Creative Mail
creative male is the WordPress friendly email marketing solution

offering a deep integration with WordPress jetpack and woocommerce

creative nail helps you automatically add contacts from one state for him appropriately often subscribers and build beautiful newsletters or promotion quickly and easily

simply download it activate the plugin

and creative male bull immediately starts to add subscribers from the most popular WordPress form if you’ve got a woocommerce store creative male can manage and brand all of your important transactional story emails as well as other email Solutions require you to add complex ATI keys at the MTV servers or plugins that take you away from WordPress creative mail simplifies the tech and lets you Market your business log or passion right from your WordPress dashboard are smart email editor automatically suggest ideal layout and will even pull in your most recent blog post images or store products to share with your audience

creative male also has advanced marketers to build multi-step campaign for Journeys that take an audience through a series of emails based on their behavior so for WordPress friendly email marketing that’s incredibly easy to use get creative

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