hi this is Christina Hills from the website creation workshop and in this video I want to talk about the new update to WordPress 5.8 so if you’ve updated your site to WordPress 5.8 one of the new things you’ll discover is black which it’s so what do I mean by that if you come to appearance which it’s the widgets area will look very different from the past the widgets area will look very different from the past and it may be a little disorienting of what you’re seeing here so if that’s the case you want to come over to plugins

and let me show you at work rest. Org

you want to install the classic widgets plug-in this is it classic widgets plug-in it’s by the WordPress company it’s an official plug-in and what it will do let me go ahead and install it I’ll click on add new and I’ll type in classic which it’s

I’m going to install this

and I’m going to activate it so once you install and activate classic which its come over to appearance which it’s

and now the witches will look familiar like you’re used to so let me go back and show you one more time I’ll go to the plugins

and I’ll deactivate it and I’ll go to a parent switch it’s

and with WordPress 5.8 the widgets area are is now part of the Gutenberg block editor and if you’re not using the Gutenberg block editor you’re not familiar with it this is going to be confusing but not a problem at all

just install and activate classic widgets

and then when you go to appearance which it’s

then it’s back to the method that you are used to working with

so that’s it that’s one of the new features of WordPress 5.8 called Tatum and I have it written here the widgets area are block which it’s it’s going to look a little bit like this but you can always install the classic widget plug in and then that will get this which it area more familiar to you this is Christina Hills with the website creation Workshop

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