Kindergarten Technology Is Revolutionising WordPress Site Development

Who knew that you could use Kindergarten-level techniques to build a better website? But it’s true: Origin Ten’ Kindergarten technology is revolutionizing WordPress development with our “Wooden Blocks.” Let us explain how they work and how they can improve and expedite your website building process.


How Real Wooden Blocks Inspired Origin Ten’ WordPress Tools


Building with wooden blocks is one of the most basic forms of play for young children, particularly kindergarteners. Children learn important, yet often overlooked skills with these toys.


One great example of such a skill is how to construct a good foundation so the entire structure doesn’t fall down. Another one is how to use a series of simple steps to achieve a complex-looking structure.


These are skills we strove to harness for our own “wooden blocks” at Origin Ten. We did the hard work of creating the foundational elements of a microsite and an e-commerce website on a WordPress platform, so that all you have to do is put the elements together. The blocks themselves are important, but how you arrange them is equally important. Ultimately, you are the designer and the architect. We just help you get to the beautiful results faster.


How Our Wooden Blocks For WordPress Work


We offer two separate “wooden blocks,” each of which are designed to help you build a specific type of WordPress site.


The two blocks are:

1.   Microsite


This bundle is recommended for startups and entrepreneurs. It comes with hosting for your WordPress site, 10 hours of support for troubleshooting and help with setting everything up, and 68 web design templates, each featuring a rustic wood motif.


Microsite is just the thing to get the website for your business up and running. You don’t have to worry about fashioning your site’s building blocks yourself: choosing a host, finding tutorials on your own, and poring over thousands of designs. We streamline all of that for you, so that the only major decision you have to make is which design you like best. The rest is child’s play.

2.   E-Commerce


E-Commerce is the big kid on the playground, and it’s perfect for businesses with large inventories. With this bundle, you get hosting, 20 hours of support from one of our expert developers, and 96 concept wood-style pieces for your WordPress website design. That’s a big deal – literally!


Imagine how much easier running your online store will be when you don’t have to waste precious hours setting it all up first without any expert help or advice. The E-Commerce bundle saves you all that trouble. It lets you move on to the more important task of selling your product and reaping the profits of a well designed, well run WordPress site.


Find Your Missing Block


Building up a beautiful WordPress site doesn’t have to be a challenge. You just need the right blocks for a solid foundation. Find your missing block at Origin Ten, and create the business website of your dreams as easily as 1,2,3!