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December 16, 2021By Origin Ten LTD2 Minutes

ALGORITHM By Matthew Frost


haven’t been in a fashion thing in a minute fun

see these folks shorts probably have me doing some kind of clever little voice over at some point you know

they sent around to answer 4 million questions

I mean they could have a little bit more of a narrative Arc


they should try something cool like this

don’t mind me staring into the distance like an absolute badass flipping my hair a little cuz I’m on the cover of Vogue

this is I love these These are so good I’m always such a fan every time they’re so clever that’s so funny I was excited

we could do you know

you know there’s one if there’s if there’s time there’s an a thought that too bad so bad so bad idea if you want it you can use it cuz it’s good we start on the ground he was one of these everything cool we stay low and move super close to them just standing there

golden grapes in the object something play dried flowers a rap chair or a TV a TV grab where are we going to be lose ourselves we don’t know we’re close to have any on moment then all the sudden you rotate all the way around for no reason you can’t see how long has Flo been consuming fire know someone is on fire. Pick love it was going to work

that’s all it is great thank you so much

get ready and


I never knew working with myself could be such a nightmare I should have asked Emily Blunt or Sienna Miller