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the guys I was at Costco and they gave me this really really cool tide pod detergent for my laundry which is nice it looks like a jam and looks like a yellow piece or something it’s really pretty like liquid or whatever or pretty cool how deep is it works in pretty much a drum or a front load or a top load washer go to instructions. Because it was like 20 something dollars for like 30 years of my life which is not bad you know I could see why she would do it but I’m going to try to load of clothes that’s for a week’s worth of clothes and his dresser or something else and I do have a side loading high efficiency washer and follow the instructions dry hands at packed a drum and then add clothes so there you go

put in there and I start loading with clothes were the clothes wise I don’t know if that’s going to be affected because it’s his first but I just had to put all my clothes in there and that’s without the whole ways for the clothes as well as Sheetz and other stuff for like how a typical a laundry run would be at a laundromat that it said to go and you know

basically said that such a code code to that darks you really need to know this detail but basically yeah normal told code let’s go on this is a shirt Frigidaire 10 in my landlord has for the past that I don’t know like 10 years but I figured there was last a long time I used to work with all three of those things I used to put back with me each and clerks asking because I’m sorry detergent and other things and I just didn’t want to put extra rest because I don’t know how how much to charge of this new house and so I put extra rinse cycle just in case that’s really about it guys I just want to say this is really convenient if you’re renting and you don’t want to leave all your chemicals out you’ve been through this with you throw it into a laundromat and you know you just say

a lot of coins in terms of find a charger

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