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I’m sure you had a search menu icon with a drop-down search field in my theme you can do it in the dashboard or in the customizer but let’s go to customize menus Slicker active had a right menu which is where we want to add it going to add an item

going to go to custom link, just put a pound sign for an empty URL

text doesn’t display but for accessibility we’re going to add it

and now it just says searching at the blank link but if we open our menu item here and add a CSS class of search now we have a search menu icon

if you don’t see the settings

let me show you how to enable them

can I go here to menus in the dashboard

screen options we make sure CSS classes is checked

that means we can see the classes here

and now we have a nice search icon

and if that easy

what are you doing here it’s Friday I’m at your place it might be like 2 a.m. in your face in this difficult issue and you just want to get out of the office this video will try to help you out technically I hope you subscribe to my channel and that you liked the video. It will really help me and my family asked God bless

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thank you for watching may God bless you and keep you

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