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headers and Footers can be used to display information in the top and bottom margins of your document they can include details like the author’s name page numbers the date and more

to create your own header or footer from scratch double click the margin at the top or bottom of your document this will unlock the head or footer area so you can add whatever information you want you can also use the tools on the design tab which will appear on the right side of the ribbon

when you’re done you can close the header or footer using the button here or by pressing escape on your keyboard

if you don’t have a lot of experience with headers and Footers you might want to start with a built-in preset instead preset headers and Footers give you several different designs to choose from so they were great choice for any document to add a preset header or a footer go to the insert tab

then click the command you want in this example we’re going to add a header

you can choose one of the simpler options at the top or go ahead and scroll down for something more unique

notice how we have access to the design tab again for now I’m just going to enter my information into the box here which is also known as a Content control field

if we close the header we can see what it looks like compared to the rest of the document to open or unlock it again all you have to do is double click the margin

I forgot that I wanted to include the date maybe right here below the document title to add this to your document just click date and time on the design tab

can choose how you want the date to appear

if you want the date to be updated every time you open the document check the box next to update automatically this is good if you want to show the date the document was printed instead of the date it was created otherwise leave this box unchecked and it will remain at today’s date

there are many different ways to use headers and Footers they can also be used to add page numbers to your work page numbers are common in business documents academic papers and much more to learn how to use them check out our separate page numbers video

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hi friends headers and Footers are used to add the same information on every page of the spreadsheet without actually entering the information on each worksheet here’s how you can insert header and footer in Excel 2013 worksheet

open Excel 2013 and then open a worksheet

you’re on the bottom of the page we can see the options like normal page layout and paid break preview

just click on the page layout option now if you take the cursor to the top of the page you will see three headers Center left and right

once you click on the header then a header and footer stool will appear here we have different sections which can be used to insert header and footer

if you want to insert a default set of header then click the header icon on the header and footer tool section and then select the option you want here you can see the file name and the page number is inserted automatically

now if you click on the header you will see a formula instead of your file name just remove it and remove the page number Formula 2

click on the center header and then click on design tab under header and footer tools here we are inserting the file name in the center header current date and current time in the left better

page number and the total number of pages in the right header

Siri shows the page number as one and the total number of pages as three now that’s click on go to footer icon under navigation section for demo we are inserting the file path in the footer click on the first footer and you will be able to see the file path instead of formula

think I’m go to header

now when you click anywhere out of the header or footer area you will see that the header and footer tools have disappeared hope this was easy to follow thanks for

in this video you’ll learn how to add code to WordPress header or footer area a lot of times different web sites like Pinterest or Google will ask you to add pieces of code to your head or area so let me show you a quick way that you can add it to your website first thing you want to do is you want to login to your WordPress dashboard then from here we want to scroll down to the plugins area and we want to click add new we’re going to add a very simple plug into your website and don’t worry it won’t bug you upside-down or anything it just makes it super easy for you to add the header or footer code like you need to from the search area let’s go ahead and type and insert header and footer and Footers and this is the one we want this is created and maintained by wpbeginner that has us do you want to install it and then once it’s installed you want to hang around and go ahead and make sure that you click activate as well once it’s activated you’ll get a message saying that it’s been installed and we can either click here to

or if you ever need to come back to it you can go down to settings insert headers and Footers to configure now from here you’ll have to decide where the software that you’re installing it usually a JavaScript where they’re asking you to put it if they’re wanting you to put in the header then you can put it up here if they want to if they want you to put it just before the body closing then that goes down here so let me quickly show you how you can do that for instance if you want to install Pinterest pins on your site then you have to have this bit of script installed throughout your website so I’m just going to grab this and this is just for an example if you really need to activate Pinterest on your site than you can watch our video on how to do that here so I’m going to grab this Petticoat you see that it’s asking us to do it just before the closing body tag so that means I want to put it in my Footers area I’m going to highlight this and copy

and then we’ll head back over but in these groups in the Footers right click and paste that and now that that’s pasted now it’s available on all of my sight the other two methods require changing out your theme and so it’s a little bit difficult to maintain for instance if you’re doing it in the theme you’ll have to go into header and footer and actually change those pieces of code some other themes provide you with an area that you can fill out but the problem with these two methods is if you ever change out your theme then this Petticoat is no longer on your site and might break whatever it is that you’re trying to use and that is why we recommend using the insert headers and Footers which is a very simple and easy to use plug in that won’t back down your sight just a super easy way to add header and footer code into your WordPress website and thanks for watching

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