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hey guys today I’m going to do a short review of a plug-in that can help us to pop up anything on click like the name says pop-up triggers text button or image

so let’s create our first pop up and test the settings

we can start with a pop-up triggered by text

here we ride the text that will be used as a link on our page

on some places of our website we have texts that are little bit longer than we need and maybe those texts are messing with design of some page

we are going to shorten this homepage text and paste it into our pop-up editor

now that’s probably the pop-up

copy the short code and paste it on our page where we want the text to be displayed

as simple as that we have our text to your papa.

Let’s test it

the second option is to have a pop-up triggered by an image

if we want to try this option we should change the link type to image and upload or choose an image from my world press Library

the short code stays the same so we just refresh until the option

the third option is to try the pop-up triggered on a button

this plugin has its own style for the bottles if you want to add your CSS style to the button you will have to purchase the premium version of the plugin

with pop-up anything going to click plug-in you can insert any type of content into your pop-up HTML image shortcodes text


also there are many animations and position options you can set the pop-up position in Center top left top right bottom left bottom right center left and center right

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