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are you afraid of potential lawsuits or heavy fines because you are unsure if your website is gdpr compliant then you need are gdpr and cookie solution with our cookie consent solution you can create your individual cookie banner and be legally compliant in a Life preview you can easily adapt the design to match your corporate identity our consent management platform supports more than 30 languages and is automatically displayed appropriately for every visitor machine learning an automatic optimization recognizes which design version of your cookie Banner performs best our system can show the most appropriate design for the individual user this will increase the acceptance rate and you can make full use of all your visitors you receive more detailed data for your marketing you can show personalized advertising more often and increase your ass

appetizing income or shop sales as a result being gdpr compliant also means knowing which cookies from which providers are on your website our integrated cookie crawler automatically check their website and finds all cookies and providers don’t wait any longer and risk penalties for missing or non-compliant cookie banners get started with us now with us they took protection is simple safe and easy going

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