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today I’m going to show you how to make sure that the SSL you’ve installed on your site is working and that all traffic is routing through HTTP let’s Dive In

so here I am in my back end of WordPress this is DWP hyphen Advent that you can tack onto the end of your demesne the first thing I want to do before I install a plug-in that’s going to help us for sore route hpps make sure that my spell is actually working before I start moving all traffic there so what’s pull up my side as you can see here is going through not secure which means it’s going through HTTP protocol right now past is I want to put HTTP colon forward slash forward slash in front of my demesne and then press enter this is going to Route all traffic to the SSL just a test before we get started

as you can see instead of not secure I have a nice little lock up here at the top I can click that and see that my connection is secure now that I know my SSL is working what I’m going to do is install a plug-in through WordPress to Route all traffic to the HTTP connection so we’re going to do is get back into our dashboard for WordPress admin and bring it down here to the plug-in section and we’re going to click on that so we’re going to do is once we’re on the plugins page we can see all of the plugins that I have on my site I’m going to click add new

bring up a place where you can search for new plug-ins in that any of them that you want to your account but they were looking for one specifically called really simple SSL and this is going to make it really awesome for us to put in for that and the first one that comes up is going to be the plug-in that we’re looking for all we’re going to do is Click install now

what is the song you can go ahead and click the activate button now if you spend a good deal of time already building up your site and you got a lot of content for together if you force the issue GPS it could have some issues connecting to some of the older content that was build in HTTP the plug-in that self recommend that you take a fullback of the group site before proceeding and if you want some more information about that you can click here it’ll tell you how to go to the process of taking a backup of your sight before going forward but if you’re ready to for stitched GPS include go ahead and ask if it doesn’t sell I haven’t built up a lot of content yet I’m going to go ahead and do that

now we can see if we got a great page shoot us as the XL is activated and up here in the top I can already see the my traffic is being routed from that nice lock there so let’s go and test back to my site

refresh traffic we can see that it’s going to http now if you want to test this I can remove the HTTP from that URL hit enter and it should automatically Rob so no matter which protocol your customers type in to their URL it’s automatically going to Route all their traffic through and it makes it easier for customers to navigate your side with a bit more confidence knowing that everything the input is going to be routed through a secure socket layer rather than just plain HTTP protocol now I’ll show you a video how you can do this on non WordPress sites but for today I want to show you the really simple as a plug-in now use for this thank you for watching appreciate you taking a look at these videos if you have any questions or comments or suggestions please leave them below and subscribe if you want to see more helpful videos thanks

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