Credits :Tom Broadwater
in this plug-in test I’m going to take a look at a plug-in that is supposed to let you put widgets anywhere you want using a short code so I’m in plugins inside my WordPress back and I need to go to add new

and then the search field here I’m going to type in widget

short code

and there it is we just short code right here as a widget shortcode which enables you to put widgets anywhere you like it’s got 55 reviews and a 5-star rating 80,000 active installations

compatible with my version of WordPress and it was updated five months ago get more details here

sometimes across the top two different things you might be interested in I’m always interested in the screenshots so I’m looking at the screenshots and I see a widget example here

and then underneath of that you see the short code so what this is supposed to do when you install it it’s at a short code at the bottom of your widget that you can copy and paste into just a Content area somewhere so but that which it will show up

and you’ve got the reviews I’m going to exit out of this go back here and click install now

and then I’m going to go ahead and click activate to activate it

and there it is which it short code

so I’ve actually looked in the instructions on this before and know how to use it to use it you want to go to appearance and into widgets

inside widgets you got all these widgets and I’ve got some widgets in a primary sidebar that’s just a default installation of WordPress here with a free

a theme installed

so I can click on any of these widgets luscious click on the search was it right here and underneath you see a short code and that was generated by the plug-in that we just installed so if you want to put this widget somewhere else on your website where there isn’t a widget position you just copy the short code

what’s go back to Pages here

and then we’ve got a

sample page

the bunch of information on it and it’s linked to right here on my websites I’m going to click on that surround that page was I want to put that search

box that we copy the widget from right here at the top paste in that short code quick update over here

go back to the sample page and refresh and there’s a search box in there if that’s all there is to it pretty helpful plugin for sticking widgets places where there aren’t exactly widget

fields on your website

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