How to Become a Web Developer Without Programming and Design Skills

Getting into a profitable industry like website development has never been easier, our kindergarten technology helps to conceptualize, plan and deploy websites in minutes, without any technical or programming skills.

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According to the research, you can earn up to £4500 per microsite and £7300 per e-commerce site. Start building your client base and project portfolio by using the WordPress website bundle, this includes our wooden blocks technology.

Our unique technology allows you to easily move blocks around to change your ideas in seconds to compare, re-order, and refine your vision. All you need to do is take a photo on your smart device and allow our innovative app to create a website just like the one you’ve laid out with your wooden blocks.

When you start, you also get to choose between ten (Microsite) or twenty (E-commerce) hours with our award winning developers, depending on your requirements. If you need extra site functionality, some technical guidance or even just want to learn a new skill, you can simply book time with our developers without any extra charge.

Start your journey as web developer and enjoy the benefits of working from home and making good money without any technical skills.

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We know that starting new business can take time and we are more than happy to keep bundle payments low by splitting into max 6 months INSTALMENTS.

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