Anyone who is interested in producing an online business, envisions their own unique brand identity to be set up in a specific way. For those of us who are thinking of starting their own freelance business from home, the idea of designing and creating an entire website from scratch, can be a daunting and often at times, overwhelming process.

Origin Ten, a company specialising in website development, came up with an innovative method that uses kindergarten technology to help freelance entrepreneurs build their online business from scratch.

The kindergarten technique uses wooden blocks with unique pieces of software to allow users to transform their desired physical layouts into a website. The hand-on modular approach, which provides visualisation, wireframe/mockups for independent users, is an easy and less time-consuming way to plan your website.

With 150 blocks to choose from, configure your ideal website the way you want it. Simply pick and move the blocks to compare, refine and reorder your vision in minutes. Once your layout is complete, use Origin Ten app to take a picture of the combination.

Each block contains a scannable QR-code that will upload and replicate the exact model to a WordPress site, giving you a fully workable website already developed. All you need to do is upload your images and text.

There are two bundles to choose from. A 68 piece microsite layout and a 96 piece e-commerce site is available to pre-order online. Not only does each package include website essentials like hosting, but includes 10-20 hours of dedicated guidance from one of their award-winning developers.

If your goal is to create a successful freelance website that will enable you to stand out from the crowd; that will highlight your best work, to look like an expert right from the start, then activating one of the WordPress website wooden block bundles is the perfect solution for you.