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December 10, 2021By Origin Ten LTD3 Minutes

New video shows deadly shooting at Cancun resort By FOX 11 Los Angeles


Really terrifying. His name is Mike sing tin. He says he is just lived through the most harrowing hours of his life. He is staying at the Hyatt Ziva Riviera Cancun, which is very close to where that deadly shooting. Took place, Thursday afternoon, and then late this afternoon. Synced in tweeted this video. It actually shows the armed gunmen storming the beach people literally running for their lives. Those gunmen running on to the resort property. This all took place about 2:30 local time. Synced in was out.

The resort when he says, all guests were told to shelter in place, then escorted to what he describes, as a hiding place. Here’s some of that that he shared with us here. So, synced and shows being led down a hallway that you can see is filled with Hotel staff. Eventually. I’ll guess were corralled into the lobby as you see here and then they were told to barricade themselves in their room. Synced in documented, his effort on Twitter.

Some chairs against his door and then of course as it turns out they later learned a Mexican authorities. Say some 15 drug cartel suspects arrived by boat wearing ski masks storming, that resort beach and shooting and killing two rival, gang members before taking off. In that same boat, that sent local Cancun Resorts into a frenzy, but then just this morning synced and tweeted out the scene of the crime. In my goodness. What a difference a day makes.

Yeah, nothing. But a whole lot of Serenity as you can hear the calm of the ocean, but this clip also gives you another sense of just how close the shooting was to the hotel. And fact officials say a civilian was hit by a stray bullet and is being treated for that. Gunshot wound all resort activities though. Did resume today. It was just another day at the resort after what they went through yesterday. By the way. The shooting comes just two weeks.

After a California travel blogger and a German tourists were killed and a very similar shoot out in the beach. Town of Tulum again, those gunman responsible for yesterday’s attack arrived by boat. And then they left by boat Alex Christine.