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January 24, 2022By Origin Ten LTD4 Minutes

The *BEST* Player in PWR Is… By PWR

today we put all of powers Pro players and content creators in one game of fortnite Arena there’s a prize pool for the top three placements a little comment down below who you think there’s going to be save it has 300 painting and playing from Europe so go easy on the bus driver where is he going to King Spider-Man

thinks killing people nice job

Mike Chichi radius is killing two I’m going to say it he’s at sanctuary

is she dead

what is Prague in Jenks has to feel myself about a man that is going to be crucial

I ran into trying to


no ice all over


let’s go

yeah he’s one-hit I’m lit Isis.

no bro dead

oh my God I like it when someone likes getting killed

just like

I can’t wait.

I know I helped you write I didn’t technically kind of teeming


Bayshore stores

no. You’re not here yet

can you pull its energy is in this one purple SMG come on

oil capacity on a 3.0

nice shot dead watching my stream that is cheeky jeans that is cheap

I did do try not to anybody

oh my God


random god dammit dying to not even one of the boys with this Lisa Summers killed him to if I just had my shotgun know no damn

oh my God bro Grassman

I’ve ever seen only one of them I’m doing terribly today I’m just 6 minutes

W King

what is fragging know he’s just probably shooting people out of the sky as a Spider-Man

that’s why I’m at Walmart I’m here but I’m safe open up now 21 Joe

a little bag

I don’t think it’s working

I can send Calvin photo

oh no lucky what do you think you doing buddy

I’m going to get sprayed by someone else

he’s got someone else when I’m headed that way if you had it as well I’m going straight to the Hoffman

I’m at it’s so hard to play on this pig

awesome and I know it definitely going to give it to him

Norwood School

Duo large picture Johnny manager filling in there


what else I’m getting error messages on my screen sorry I missed you and I’m sorry I just got an error message on my screen broke his heart rate is so high right now cuz he actually made it to the end of a video people.

I still need a random person left I think three that restaurant that we have chili

nice that’s big

that’s our dog is going to be me as I fly out ready I told someone else


during my bills vs idea

where they got another girl


that is so disgusting


torque wrench

but you’re also imprisoned in matter is cringe

he often do you like me

clip-on with my shorts versus Jenks

open Pool app

yeah that’s a loss that is a loss