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hi my name is Allison Stanley showing you how to install Debbie P Google fonts to your WordPress site this bug is awesome because often seems only come with a set amount of fun but with this plug-in you have access to all of the thousands of Google and you can apply them across your WordPress site so to get started if you’re going to go the plugins add new and search for WP Google fonts once you find it it’s this one right here you can go ahead and click install now

once it’s installing gutter install plug-ins and activate it then once it’s activated you can go into the settings and set your fonts across your side so as you can see there are thousands of Google fonts that you can use you can set the style and choose where you want the van to show up you can do this for multiple fonts and make sure that your website is customized for how you want it thank you for washing we hope you enjoyed this video subscribe to our YouTube channel and follow us and social

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how do you folks came from WP shout here I just want to quickly go over a cool plug and cold easy Google fonts so as you might guess

hopefully by now you’ve learned this you just go into your dashboard at plugins add new and you can search for what you want easy cool fonts what we’re looking for it’s by titanium themes

if I install and activate this plug-in we can check it out

so as you might guess easy Google fonts is here to help us do Google fun things and we find it by going to settings Google Kaiser here

and I have stayed and me colors header menu menus widget homepage in the digital CSS with the it again or activate the again sorry

so once I’ve activated it and I reload the customizer I will see that I know how this typography setting

and by default I can just apply things to H1 stage two’s and peas so let’s say that I want to make and I’m going to pick a weird setting just for the sake of it looking different I’m going to pick seaweed script for my text you can see that I’ve now got seaweed strip showing on my body text so if I click into an article

you’re on the website I still see seaweed there now if I’m actually browsing the website because I haven’t saved in the customize her like always with the customizer it looks the same but if I go ahead and hit publisher on my customizer then if I load the Articles if I’m a visitor to the website I will also see the seaweed scroll thought so that’s the basic power of the easy Google fonts plug-in if you go to settings Google fonts you will find that there are even more Powers there you can create a new control so ph1 H2 H3 age for may not be enough for you you might want to style this with different fonts and that’s what those what they call controller controls that’s what those are for because under this default typography if I set up one of these if I create one

Avon control

what it’ll let me do is apply a CSS class and then I can in the same thing so let’s do this for the sidebar real quick so it’s just make it this block so I need to find a unique CSS selector to this block in my case it’s actually pretty easy it is an easy option which it or Galaxy use this class easy hyphen hyphen in Haifa widget so if I put that in this box

as a CSS selector so I need to put that. It before it I can then come into the customizer need to reload real quick

I need to come to the customizer

typography now I can see 15 typography nuts representing those font controls

and then I can pick that fun control which I misspelled and I can also make this a different phone using Google fonts or something like Cedarville cursive

I can make that part of the Box show but in this case I apparently didn’t pick a CSS selector good enough to actually override the other one but that’s the power that there’s I can pick CSS selectors and make them also specifically so that’s the easy Google fonts plugin and it’s free and pretty red check it out if you want to make your site look like this or probably something easier to read but better looking chairs

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