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hey there this is Timothy West with another short video on this today where is going to be covering a plug-in called smush it to WP smush it and not what Billy piece much it does is it strips the metadata from your jpegs so for example in this is here I’m looking of smoky quartz it’s going to get rid of some of the data that’s in the background it’s going to optimize the jpeg compression and it’s going to convert gifts to index png’s lossless AAA the unused colors from the index images so basically every image you add to a page Repose will automatically run through some shit behind the scenes you don’t have to do anything differently just happens automatically and here’s the example I was just looking at least a while. Calm that you’ll take a look here and you’ll see that the percentage is it with some of these images were introduced this one here for example 65% you know some of them are only 10% but you know what that means that the savings on time and Google nowadays is taking a much stronger interest and ranking more

favor blade those websites that are loading more quickly so I would highly recommend you take a look at it when you install the plug-in it’s really simple I want you to install it you run the other folks much at 2 and you can run all my images through the wp switch it right now button at the end of it one of the other things that I noticed in the settings if you scroll down to watch media and you’ll notice that WP smoke you smoke shit on upload I’m going to just click on this and say automatically process on upload and save the changes and this means now that future images will automatically be uploaded and smushed or crushed or run is optimized for the website

here’s a quick a quick example of what I’m talking about click on add new grab an image throw it in and it will automatically as usual just upload it and once at upload is done play save all your changes

and there it is it’s reduced by 3.7% it did that automatically in the background saving you time and and if it’s if it’s done automatically that really really helped specially with with your own personal websites do you know it’s really important to keep your images as small as possible clear but as small as possible so you don’t have have negative impacts on the load times and Hip-Hop help us we have helped you have any other questions please don’t hesitate send me an email or visit my website Timothy

in this tutorial I’m going to explain the difference between the free version of WP Smash in the free version of shortpixel they are very similar but there is one key difference that might make the difference for you and we’re getting started right now as I’m sure you know image compression help speed up websites because when images load they will load faster if they’re compressed and if it’s done probably they don’t lose any quality and two plug-ins that I recommend and use our smush image compression optimization by wpmu Dev and shortpixel image Optimizer in a question I get a lot in the Facebook group if you’re not in the Facebook group by the way Link in the description down below check that out but I question I get a lot is what is the difference between the three versions of these two and which one should I use if I want to use the free version well the free version of shortpixel next have to go to the website have to create an account with them and you get 100 images per month for free if you go through the link in the description down below you get 150 images per month for free

and this is one hundred percent their best compression that they offer so you get 150 if you go to the link down below and that’s 150 images of months that you get compressed at perfect compression where is if you use the smush plug-in when you install it it doesn’t say anywhere else aside from when you’re in the WordPress dashboard it says here did you know smush smush for delivery of the two times better compression see I get the pro version to get the best compression and you are not limited for the number of images you can compress in the free version of Smosh but the compressor isn’t as good so to recap the compression 4wp Smosh is not as good as the compression for short pixel for the free versions but you can compress an unlimited number of images with the VP Smash and wish or pixel you cannot to do 100 per month for free or 150 per month for free if you go through the link down below now if you have a big website and they have a lot of images

might need to bite the bullet and get a pro version if you want to do the perfect impression you can do this with every piece of my shirts in bulk compress up to 50 images Pirkle exit it’s like every 56,000 images of my take all day but at least you got them all compressed but the compression is not as good wish for Pixel they also have one time plan these ones are monthly but they also have one time plans so if you have 10,000 images they want to compress and get grey compression you can get that for $10 and he can compress all 10000 images on your site and get the best impression possible where is with Smosh again you can compressed and those images as well but they’re only half as good as me the pro version to get the better impression so that’s a big difference between the free versions of the VP smush and shortpixel so that’s how that works I hope the city helps you if you have any questions or comments please leave them down below or in the power of Facebook group there’s a link to it in the description down below and make sure you click the Subscribe button and ring the bell so you don’t miss any future videos and next step is taken

videos that popped up on your screen so you can even better at WordPress and until next time keep crushing it and I will see you in the next video

Credits :WPMU DEV
adding images to your website with WordPress that’s easy drag-and-drop done making sure your images are high quality across to every device without slowing down your page speed is not and if you’ve ever run a page speed test do you know image optimization is about way more than just compression size format position and server speed are all factors for load time that’s why we created Smash Bro automated image optimization for WordPress Smash Bro makes it so everyone on your team can publish perfectly optimized images that don’t slow down your site skip the cloud compression apps and desktop editors upload to WordPress and let’s much work her magic already have hundreds or thousands of images in your library no problem smokepro will optimize those two with just a click Smash bro uses 2x lossy compression the strip on use data and reduces file size without a visible drop-in quad

it cut storage costume prevent overages by scaling oversized images to a Max size of your choosing it has built-in lazyload for stopping off screen images from loading until they’re actually needed me romantically convert images to a new format when additional savings are available but the real magic is the included CDN this must proceed in basically makes your image is omnipresent storing and serving them from 45 Superfast dedicated servers located around the globe plus it converts all your images to web V Next Gen format in perfectly resize has them for near-instant load times so I automate image optimization with Smash Bro fast quality images every time

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