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the boat literal such insults graph is right because it finds exactly what you’re off to although this can hurt your ability to Discover card because now we’re limited to this exact string what we going to do is to transform this into a regular expression search we need to escape characters reserved for regular expression send text to say that we want to match on

instances of subscribe where there is zero more like I started giving him save the number of results has improved significantly we can make this more Dynamic plus I know we want to match on the key of next we also want to mention the cave complete or are as well

so this is going to find different examples where the keys are in a different order

that one thing we can say from these results start is that we’re including some minified and bundled card we can also use regular expressions in some of those scraps filters such as file so you were going to say don’t include card if it has a file extension of me in Orlando

then we can fill that reduce these results by saying that we also don’t want results

they come from the node modules directory as you can see regular Expressions 8th and Curtis coveri while also enabling you to refine the results set if you like regular expressions and you’d like to make a default search mode simply head over to settings

and then using control space and searching for such. I felt bad so I’ve

if the value of rejects its save and any future searches will have regular expressions and I will by default

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regular expression AKA Red Sox or red Jack’s if you prefer is a tool for finding patterns within a string its two most common use cases include the validation of user-generated input and to search through a large body of such as a find and replace operation in a document it’s it’s really difficult to learn because it’s in tax ends up looking like a meeting with pile of gibberish

but once you learn it will have a very powerful and Universal way to parse text in any programming language for example in JavaScript eating a smash to find all the matching patterns within a string search few tests for a single match and replace to replace the matching pattern but before you can put these to use you need to know how to write a regular expression in jayess we can do that with the literal syntax by starting with you forward flashes between these characters is where we to find our search pattern you can find an exact match by simply typing the string you’re looking for by default it will only find the first match however you can change its Behavior by adding a flag to the right side of the closing Flash the Jeep wagons Global and we’ll look for the matches in the text and you can add additional Flags here as well now in order to create a more complex search pattern if you can buy in a handful of special characters within your expression use a vertical bar as a logical order to match one string for the other you can keep your logic using parentheses b l code from the rest of the pattern so you can capture substrings you can use quantifiers to control how often the first feeding pattern is allowed to occur a?

having to occur zero or one time and astris allows a pattern to a 20 or multiple times and a plus sign means one or more times or you can control this Behavior explicitly using braces setting an exact number of occurrences for a min max value you can use a backsplash in your pattern it to escape any of these special characters or a backslash my preferred to a character class like d for any digit or W-4 anywhere character maybe the capital letter and now you have anything that’s not a digit for not aware character you can use brackets to find your own custom character says like a range of all capital letters from A to Z or a custom character set that you create and you can negate the set by adding a carrot in front of it but like I said at the beginning is not an easy thing to learn check out my cheat sheet on fireship is a bunch of common examples that I find useful and he’s awesome to look like Greg to interactively test and more importantly understand exactly what your coat is doing this is been regular expressions and 102nd hit the like button if you want to see more short videos like that thanks for watching and I will see you in the next one

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