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in this video will make a short review of the Primos woocommerce permanent manager and highlights the major problem

all the categories in woocommerce contain the additional prefix product category for example reopen serve the same thing in old-style categories in the same time all products contain Britax product product and see a product rated Darrell structure complicated process of recognition of the store by the search engines and makes you a real quite illogical as a page with the prefix product does not actually exist

the premise woocommerce permanent manager allows you to change the way your stool you around formed and it doesn’t the following ways are we activate the blood in and see that’s for a category slug we can either leave category leave the food categories which looks more logical to users and search engines

we can do the same to the product and we can leave either product name without any categories on the last category we can also leave a food product which will also look more reasonable to the search engines and users

apart from product category in product woocommerce as a Tek base to the tags so by the fold old texts would have a prefix product tag this feature is only available in the premium version of pretty much permanent manager and if we mark this chat box here all the tag based label from old tags will do remote next is the user primary category of the used SEO plugin is essential for the primary category option set up so if the product belongs to more than one category you’ll be able to select the category that will be displayed in the product URL on the ocean it’s really important to the search engines and buy a Midland is option you ask Nana goes to the pictures that still use the Legacy you have a product

this will notify the search engines that these pages are no longer major and the teachers with a new URL are more meaningful and the option is a create redirect option which will not only help you to create canonical’s but also remove wrinkles from your website and change them for the new Reader X

all products and categories would be accessible at 1 URL and this will greatly improve your Store usability and search engine in the future is also available in the premium version of the Primos woocommerce permalink manager would look the following ways

here is the category you around

and Hugo’s the product URL

this plug-in is highly recommended to use in all online stores for Becca SEO results

please have a closer look at the premium version of this plug-in and it will open and a promotion opportunities to your store thanks for watching

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